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Enjoy browsing our MLS selection of used Azimut Yachts for sale. If you are interested in pre-owned Azimut motor yachts, please give our office a call at 561-295-8880 and ask to speak with a motor yacht specialist. Including the Azimut yachts for sale on this site, we can guide you through the purchase or sale of any motor yacht on the MLS market.

Azimut Yachts has a very long history, although for us in recent generations the acquisition of Benetti in 1985 is an important milestone. The company was now able to construct its own yachts and revolutionize some aspects of boat building with electric seats, walnut interiors and large frame less windows. Today, Azimut makes a wide range of motor yachts from sport to flybridge to mega-yachts.

Popular Azimut Yacht Models & Sizes

Used 54' Class Azimut Yachts

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Used 80' Class Azimut Yachts


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34 Azimut Atlantis 2014Azimut$324,800342014Miami-Dade County, US
Azimut$259,000362013Hallandale, US
Azimut$250,000382011Miami Beach, US
Azimut$329,000382013Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$270,000382014MIAMI, US
Azimut$140,000392003Miami, US
Azimut$439,000402013Miami, US
Azimut$650,000402018Miami, US
Azimut$369,000402013Miami, US
Manufacturer Provided Image: Azimut 43Azimut$299,000442008CORAL GABLES, US
ProfileAzimut$339,000442007Delray Beach, US
Azimut$324,900442007Aventura, US
Azimut$499,000442014Miami, US
43' Azimut MagellanoAzimut$499,000442015Boca Raton, US
Azimut$715,000442015Miami, US
Azimut$499,000442016Pompano Beach, US
Azimut$539,000442017Miami, US
Azimut$499,000442015Aventura, US
2017 Azimut Atlantis 43Azimut$514,900442017Sunny Isles Beach, US
Azimut$325,000442007North Miami Beach, US
Azimut$450,000442013Miami Beach, US
Azimut$387,500442012Miami Beach, US
Azimut$658,999462014Naples, US
Azimut$527,000462013Pompano Beach, US
Azimut 47 FlybridgeAzimut$469,000482009Miami, US
SistershipAzimut$235,000482006Miami Beach, US
Azimut$489,000482012Miami, US
Azimut$349,000502009Miami, US
Azimut$695,000502016Miami, US
Azimut$379,900502006Dania Beach, US
Azimut$995,000502015Golden Beach, US
Azimut$399,000502006Unknown, US
Azimut$850,000502016Aventura, US
Azimut$469,000502012Miami, US
Azimut$379,944502005Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$699,900502015Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$1,125,000502016Miami, US
Azimut$999,500502015Boca Raton, US
Azimut$749,000532011Miami Beach, US
Azimut$995,000542014Miami Beach, US
Azimut$1,550,000542018Stuart, US
Azimut$1,275,000542016Palm Beach Gardens, US
Azimut$699,000552011Hallandale, US
Azimut$895,000552014Pompano Beach, US
ProfileAzimut$899,999552015Naples, US
Azimut$579,000552007Miami Beach, US
Azimut$469,000552006Miami, US
Azimut$1,469,000552017Naples, US
2006 Azimut 55' - ProfileAzimut$495,000552006Miami Beach, US
Azimut$849,999552014Pompano Beach, US
Azimut$980,000582013Miami Beach, US
Azimut$1,280,000582012Coral Gables, US
Azimut$285,000581999Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$699,000602010Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$995,000602014Fort Lauderdael, US
Azimut$899,000602013Pompano Beach, US
Azimut$745,000622006Miami, US
Azimut$749,000622010Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$529,000622004Miami, US
Azimut$799,000622010Unknown, US
Azimut$465,000622006Lighthouse Point, US
Azimut$645,000622006Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$658,000622004Miami, US
Azimut$599,000622006St. Petersburg, US
Azimut$1,950,000642013Boca Raton, US
Azimut$1,799,000642015Ft Lauderdale, US
Azimut$999,000642013Miami, US
Azimut$1,745,000642016Wrightsville Beach, US
Azimut$1,589,000642015West Palm Beach, US
Azimut$1,199,999642014Not for sale in US Waters, US
Azimut$1,489,000642013Naples, US
Azimut$2,379,000662017Hollywood, US
Azimut$2,200,000662017Miami, US
Azimut 68 PlusAzimut$550,000682001Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$1,290,000682009Miami Beach, US
Azimut$680,000682005MIAMI, US
2008 Azimut 68' ''WhateverAzimut$899,000682008Miami Beach, US
2006 Azimut 68SAzimut$725,000682006Miami Beach, US
Azimut 68SAzimut$899,000682008Fort Lauderdale, US
2009 Azuimut 68 Evolution - ProfileAzimut$1,495,000682009Ft. Lauderdale, US
Azimut$659,000682006Sunny Isles , North Miami, US
Azimut$1,799,000702013Miami, US
Profile PortAzimut$1,490,000702011Fort Lauderdale, US
70' AzimutAzimut$1,350,000702011MIAMI, US
Azimut$499,000702001Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$2,300,000702015Pompano Beach, US
Azimut$1,660,000702012Miami, US
Azimut$580,000702000Florida, US
Azimut$1,550,000702011Aventura, US
WINE KNOTAzimut$1,730,000702014Miami Beach, US
2014 Azimut 70 FlybridgeAzimut$1,699,000702014Miami, US
Azimut$449,000701996Daytona Beach, US
Azimut$2,900,000722016Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$1,499,000722013Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$1,993,900722014Nassau, US
Azimut$2,995,000722016Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$1,250,000722011Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$3,199,000722017Miami, US
Azimut$1,975,000722012N. Miami Beach, US
Azimut$3,199,000722018Miami, US
Manufacturer Provided ImageAzimut$789,000742003Miami, US
Azimut$1,350,000752007MIAMI, US
Azimut$1,499,000752010Miami, US
Azimut$2,450,000772015Aventura, US
Azimut$2,950,000772017Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$800,000781996Miami Beach, US
Azimut$850,000792003Miami Beach, US
Azimut$3,400,000802018Miami Beach, US
Azimut$1,449,000802007Aventura, US
80' Azimut 2008 Azimut$1,449,000802007Miami, US
Azimut$2,900,000822013Palm Beach, US
Azimut$2,995,000842013Aventura, US
Azimut$3,499,000842017Ft. Lauderdale, US
Azimut$800,000851999Miami, US
Azimut$1,100,000851999Miami, US
Azimut$949,000852007Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$1,350,000862008MIAMI BEACH, US
Azimut$6,988,000952017West Palm Beach, US
Photo 1Azimut$1,950,0001002005Miami Beach, US
Azimut 100 Jumbo 2004Azimut$2,650,0001002004Miami River, US
Azimut$1,299,0001001996Jacksonville, US
Azimut$1,150,0001001999Fort Lauderdale, US
Azimut$2,390,0001002000Miami, US
2010 Azimut 100 Leonardo Azimut$3,350,0001002010Sunny Isles, US
Azimut$4,500,0001052012FORT LAUDERDALE, US
No Name AzimutAzimut$4,750,0001052013Miami, US
Azimut$5,999,0001162011Fort Lauderdale, US

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