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The Hatteras Yachts models listed on our MLS below are perfect examples of the fine convertible, motor yacht and express boats being built by Hatteras today. Search our MLS for used Hatteras Yachts or reach out to one of our yacht brokers at Flagler Yachts and let us do the leg work in your Hatteras search. For more information on any Hatteras Yacht listed for sale you can reach us by email via the email button on this pageĀ or by phone at 561-295-8880.

Hatteras Yachts began with the vision to build a fishing boat and a motor yacht that was strong enough for the strong waves off Cape Hatteras. The company is known for over-engineering every aspect of a yacht combined with innovation and expert craftsmanship. Did you know that Hatteras built the first fiberglass yacht of over 40 feet? This pioneered the modified v-hull. Hatteras continues to make incredible convertible sportfishing and motor yachts to this day.

Popular Hatteras Yachts Models & Sizes

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Hatteras Yachts is uniquely positioned in that it makes both motor yacht and sportfish models. This makes searching for them a little bit more challenging. Realize when searching for used Hatteras Yachts you will see convertible, enclosed bridge sportfish, flybridge motor yachts and raised pilot house motor yachts. If you would like us to send you a custom search result or report please email our Hatteras yacht brokers:

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Hatteras$129,900381971Okeechobee, US
Hatteras$165,000411988North Palm Beach, US
Main ShotHatteras$118,400411987Destin, US
Hatteras$231,900411968Morehead City, US
Hatteras$100,000411961Boynton Beach, US
Hatteras$124,900421994Sanibel, US
Hatteras$119,000421995Fort Myers, US
Hatteras$119,000421977Stuart, US
Hatteras$139,000441979Charleston, US
1977 Hatteras 43 DCHatteras$139,900441977Pawleys Island, US
Photo 1Hatteras$110,000441979Pensacola, US
Hatteras$149,900441979Fort Pierce, US
Hatteras$1,750,000462020Fort Lauderdale, US
Sister PhotoHatteras$1,700,000462018Ft Lauderdale, US
Hatteras$1,399,000462017Hilton Head, US
Hatteras$124,000461986Beaufort, US
ProfileHatteras$1,125,000462015Ft. Pierce, US
Hatteras$1,895,000462018Palm Beach, US
Hatteras$165,000461968Hobe Sound, US
Eye CatcherHatteras$289,900461969Stuart, US
Hatteras$124,900461987Palmetto, US
Hatteras462020Wrightsville Beach, US
Hatteras$145,000461977Dania Beach, US
Hatteras$239,000461978St Petersburg, US
Hatteras$239,900481988Miami, US
Starboard QtrHatteras$150,000481976Charleston, US
Hatteras$125,000481988Naples, US
Hatteras$274,500481976Old Hickory, US
Hatteras$344,000501999Hilton Head, US
2000 51' Hatteras Hatteras$399,000502000Stuart, US
50 Hatteras Starboard Profile 3Hatteras$174,995501995Panama City Beach, US
Hatteras$349,000501997Key West, US
Hatteras$199,000521989lantana, US
Hatteras$325,000521987Ft Pierce, US
1994 Hatteras 52 Cockpit Motor YachtHatteras$315,000521994Mt Pleasant, US
Hatteras$175,000521989Fort Pierce, US
Hatteras$229,000521989North Palm Beach, US
Hatteras$219,900521985Daytona Beach, US
53 Hatteras MotoryachtHatteras$275,000531987Longboat Key/Sarasota, US
Hatteras$139,000531978Panama City Beach, US
Port ViewHatteras$248,000531984North Myrtle Beach, US
DignolitaHatteras$199,000531983Bradenton, US
Hatteras$134,900531973Southport, US
Photo 1Hatteras$129,500531973Fort Pierce, US
Hatteras$250,000531979Jupiter, US
ProfileHatteras$199,900531978St. Augustine, US
Great ExpectationsHatteras$255,900541986Palm Beach Gardens, US
Hatteras$269,000541987Murrells Inlet, US
54 HatterasHatteras$599,000542003Lauderdale by the Sea, US
Hatteras542020Wrightsville Beach, US
Hatteras$299,000541997Miami, US
2013 Hatteras 54GT - Bucket ListHatteras$1,595,000542013Sarasota, US
Stbd ProfileHatteras$249,500541988Fort Lauderdale, US
Photo 1Hatteras$538,450552000Destin, US
Hatteras$194,500551988Jacksonville, US
Hatteras$249,000551988LIGHT HOUSE POINT, US
Hatteras$155,000551987Miami, US
Hatteras$499,000552003Miami, US
ProfileHatteras$155,000561983Jacksonville, US
Hatteras$229,000561981Fort Myers, US
Hatteras$199,500581977Long Boat Key, US
Seas the Day Hatteras 1990 Convertible Starboard ProfileHatteras$299,000581990Destin, US
Starboard ProfileHatteras$249,500581978Little River, US
Hatteras$175,000581977West Palm, US
Hatteras$299,500581975Fort Lauderdale, US
Hatteras592020Wrightsville Beach, US
2000 60 HatterasHatteras$729,000602000Pompano Beach, US
Hatteras$859,000602006Fort Lauderdale, US
Serenity ProfileHatteras$349,000601989Longboat Key, US
Starboard Side ViewHatteras$1,899,900602010Port Canaveral, US
Hatteras$795,000602002Islamorada, US
Hatteras$1,395,000602009WILMINGTON, US
Manufacturer Provided Image: Manufacturer Provided ImageHatteras602020Wrightsville Beach, US
Hatteras$849,000602002Fort Lauderdale, US
Hatteras$1,850,000602013Miami Beach, US
SteamingHatteras$229,900611984St Petersburg, US
Hatteras$249,900611982Memphis, US
Hatteras$265,000611982Sarasota, US
Hatteras$1,350,000612010Wrightsville Beach, US
2002 63' HatterasHatteras$779,000632002Miami, US
Hatteras$249,000631988Miami Beach, US
Hatteras$1,350,000642011Miami, US
64 Hatteras RPHHatteras$1,199,000642006Manteo, US
Hatteras$1,250,000642008Ft. Lauderdale, US
Hatteras$1,379,900642007Pensacola, US
Hatteras$1,099,999642006Fort Lauderdale, US
Hatteras$1,724,000642011Ft. Myers Beach, US
Hatteras$1,199,000642006Charleston, US
1990 65 HatterasHatteras$375,000651990Stuart, US
Hatteras$1,125,000652002Lighthouse Point, US
Hatteras$249,500651997Fort Lauderdale, US
Hatteras652020Wrightsville Beach, US
Hatteras$199,500671981North Fort Myers, US
Hatteras$1,695,000682007MIAMI, US
Hatteras$2,395,000682006Fort Lauderdale, US
Hatteras$595,000701994Brunswick, US
Hatteras$595,000701994Brunswick, US
70' HatterasHatteras$169,000701976Miami, US
Hatteras$685,000702001Coconut Groove Miami, US
Hatteras$299,000701982Fort Myers, US
Perfect TimingHatteras$489,000701989Lighthouse Point, US
Manufacturer Provided ImageHatteras702020Wrightsville Beach, NC, US
Starboard ProfileHatteras$5,195,000702017Palm Beach, US
Hatteras$1,050,000712002Miami, US
Hatteras$588,000721986Jupiter, US
Port Bow QuarterHatteras$1,999,000722008Fort Lauderdale, US
Christina of Miami BeachHatteras$599,000722008Miami Beach, US
Hatteras$1,999,000722008Fort Lauderdale, US
Hatteras$495,000721991Ft. Lauderdale, US
Starboad Profile 2Hatteras$2,749,000722010Fort Myers, US
NANCY JHatteras$599,000741996Jupiter, US
Hatteras$599,000741996Fort Lauderdale, US
Hatteras$960,000741998Jacksonville Beach, US
Hatteras 74 CPMYHatteras$350,000741989Port Canaveral, US
74' Hatteras Sport DeckHatteras$1,495,000741998Miami Beach, US
BONITAHatteras$799,000741998Ft. Lauderdale, US
1999 Hatteras 74 CPMYHatteras$784,900741999St. Petersburg, US
Hatteras$699,000741999MIAMI BEACH, US
Hatteras$1,183,000752000Ft. Lauderdale, US
ALTERNATE PROFILEHatteras$825,000752002Ft. Lauderdale, US
Manufacturer Provided Image: Manufacturer Provided ImageHatteras752020Wrightsville Beach, US
ProfileHatteras$4,900,000752017Ft. Myers, US
Hatteras$395,000771987Aventura, US
Hatteras$2,850,000772010Jupiter, US
Hatteras$3,995,000802013Fort Lauderdale, US
Hatteras$1,999,000802004Beaufort, US
Hatteras$4,350,000802015Miami, US
Hatteras$1,870,000802004Sunny Isles, US
Hatteras$4,395,000802014Lighthouse Point, US
Hatteras$1,999,000802004Beaufort, US
Hatteras$4,595,000802013Ft. Lauderdale, US
ExteriorHatteras$1,099,000821996Myrtle Beach, US
Hatteras$399,000821977St Augustine, US
Manufacturer Provided ImageHatteras902020Wrightsville Beach, US
Hatteras$8,549,000902018Fort Lauderdale, US
Hatteras$2,195,000922000Fort Lauderdale, US
1996 Hatteras 92 Sportfish Hatteras$1,595,000921996Fort Lauderdale, US
Hatteras$8,295,0001002016Ft. Lauderdale, US
Hatteras$2,950,0001002003FORT LAUDERDALE, US
Manufacturer Provided ImageHatteras1052020Wrightsville Beach, US

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