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Below you can search through our MLS selection of used Sunseeker yachts for sale available for immediate inspection with our motor yacht brokers at Flagler Yachts. For more information on these or any pre-owned Sunseeker yachts for sale, give us a call at 561-295-8880 or email our Sunseeker yacht broker directly using the button on this page.

Sunseeker Yachts is a British luxury motor yacht manufacturer which has been making boats since 1969. One very cool and interesting fact is you can see Sunseekers in the more recent James Bond movies. Sunseeker regularly update their collection with new yacht models or improved versions. The company currently produces a few models of boats from 50' to 68': the very popular flybridge Manhattan, the express style Predator, the 50' San Remo and a 68' Sport yacht. The larger Sunseeker's simply fall into the 'yacht' series which range from 75' all the way to the 155 foot flagship!

Used Sunseeker Yachts for Sale

Popular Sunseeker Yachts Sizes

Used 53' Class Sunseeker Yachts

Used 65' Class Sunseeker Yachts

Used 75' Class Sunseeker Yachts


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Sunseeker$269,000372004Ft Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$144,900382004Fort Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$294,999442009Palm Beach, US
Sunseeker$189,000442002Naples, US
Sunseeker$195,000462005Miami, US
Sunseeker$789,000482014Aventura, US
Sunseeker$168,500482003Pompano Beach, US
Sunseeker$549,900482011Fort Myers, US
Sunseeker$639,000482012Miami, US
Sunseeker$559,000482013Ft Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$699,000482014Aventura, US
Sunseeker$649,000482013Aventura, US
Sunseeker$169,000502001Aventura, US
Sunseeker Predator 50Sunseeker$1,099,999502018Coral Gables, US
Sunseeker$1,699,000502019Fort Lauderdale, US
Manufacturer Provided Image: RunningSunseeker$495,000502006DANIA BEACH, US
Sunseeker$204,999502000Fort Lauderdale, US
Starboard ProfileSunseeker$629,000522010Palm Beach Gardens, US
Sunseeker$1,699,000522019FT LAUDERDALE, US
Sunseeker$899,000532012Fort Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$799,000532013Fort Lauderdale, US
2007 53 Portofino SunseekerSunseeker$449,900532007Miami, US
Sunseeker$939,000532013MIAMI, US
Sunseeker$865,000532013Sunny Isles, US
Sunseeker$399,000532005Punta Gorda, US
Sunseeker$1,075,000552014Stuart, US
Sunseeker$1,450,000552017MIAMI, US
Sunseeker$375,000562004Miami, US
Sunseeker$449,000562002Hallandale, US
Sunseeker$349,000562000Myrtle Beach, US
Sunseeker 57 Predator Prior to WrapSunseeker$974,998572016Palm Beach, US
Sunseeker$1,399,000572017Fort Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$899,000572015Fort Lauderdale, US
Manufacturer Provided Image: Sunseeker Predator 57 Aerial ViewSunseeker$1,349,000572017MIAMI, US
Sunseeker$1,459,000572018Fort Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$259,000581999Miami, US
Sunseeker$400,000602001Miami, US
Sunseeker$650,000602006Palm Beach, US
Sunseeker$1,449,000602012Miami, US
Sunseeker$900,000602007En route to, US
Sunseeker$949,000602011Miami, US
Sunseeker$965,000622009West Palm Beach, US
Sunseeker$849,000622008Fort Lauderdale, US
March ExteriorSunseeker$1,299,000632011PALM BEACH GARDENS, US
Sunseeker$1,350,000632012Miami Beach, US
Sunseeker$1,399,000632012Miami, US
Sunseeker$1,350,000632012Miami, US
Sunseeker$949,999642012Miami, US
Sunseeker$499,900642002Daytona Beach, US
Sunseeker$1,995,000652016Palm Beach, US
Sunseeker$2,149,000652017Miami Beach, US
Sunseeker$760,000662007Miami, US
Sunseeker$899,000662006Miami, US
Sunseeker$2,695,000662019FT Lauderdale, US
Manufacturer Provided Image: Sunseeker Manhattan 66Sunseeker$2,650,000662018Ft Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker Manhattan 66Sunseeker$2,999,000682019North Miami Beach, US
Sunseeker$2,049,000682014Fort Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker Manhattan 66Sunseeker$2,900,000682019Miami, US
Sunseeker$1,799,000682014Fort Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$749,000682003Knoxville, US
Sunseeker$1,499,000682015Fort Lauderdale, US
Profile PictureSunseeker$2,530,000682017Miami, US
Sunseeker$799,000722006Fort Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$2,375,000732012Clearwater Beach, US
Sunseeker$1,395,000732009Miami, US
Sunseeker$1,999,999732014Miami Beach, US
Sunseeker$1,395,000742010Miami Beach, US
Manufacturer Provided Image: Sunseeker Predator 74Sunseeker$3,999,000742018Fort Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$699,000742002Fort Lauderdale, US
Manufacturer Provided Image: Sunseeker 74 Sport YachtSunseeker$3,999,000752019North Miami, US
Manufacturer Provided Image: Sunseeker 74 Sport YachtSunseeker$3,999,999752019Miami, US
Sunseeker$2,900,000752016MIAMI, US
Sunseeker$2,999,000752016Fort Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$849,000751999Miami, US
Sunseeker$3,299,000752016Fort Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$3,499,999752018Coral Gables, US
Sunseeker$2,500,000802013Fort Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$1,125,000801998Destin, US
Sunseeker$1,990,000802010Fort Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$2,350,000812011North Miami, US
Sunseeker$1,199,000822007Miami, US
Sunseeker$1,800,000822006Miami, US
Sunseeker$1,350,000822004Pompano Beach, US
Sunseeker$1,175,000822004Miami, US
Sunseeker$1,599,999822005Fort Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$1,200,000822006Lighthouse Point, US
Manufacturer Provided Image: RunningSunseeker$1,599,000822007Miami, US
My MedicineSunseeker$1,399,000822005Jupiter, US
Manufacturer Provided Image: RunningSunseeker$1,375,000832004Miami, US
SiroccoSunseeker$774,900842001Ft. Lauderdale, US
Profile PictureSunseeker$3,395,000842012Miami, US
Sunseeker$5,499,000862018Miami, US
Sunseeker$2,150,000862009Ft. Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$5,899,999862017Fort Lauderdale, US
Leading FearlesslySunseeker$2,794,000902008Boca Raton, US
Sunseeker$2,794,000922007Boca Raton, US
Sunseeker$5,900,000922016Miami, US
Sunseeker$4,999,000922015Miami, US
Sunseeker$5,900,000932016Miami, US
Manufacturer Provided ImageSunseeker$1,995,000942003Miami Beach, US
Sunseeker$6,999,000952018Miami, US
Sunseeker$7,390,000952017Fort Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$6,495,000952017Miami, US
Sunseeker$2,945,0001052002Key West, US
Sunseeker$2,950,0001082007Aventura, US
Sunseeker$3,900,0001082008Fort Lauderdale, US
Sunseeker$5,999,0001122011Miami, US
Sunseeker$9,990,0001152015Riviera Beach, US
Sunseeker$16,499,0001312016Miami, US

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