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Viking is the leading builder of convertible sportfish yachts and we are excited to be able to provide these exceptional sport fishing yachts to our clients. Please search the MLS below for used Viking yachts for sale and have a look at the popular models below. These used Viking yachts are available for immediate inspection through our Viking yacht brokers at Flagler Yachts. For more information on the Viking sportfish convertibles, enclosed bridge, motor yachts, open and sport yacht on our MLS search, give us a call: 561-295-8880 or email a Viking yacht broker:

Started in 1964 by the Healey brothers, Viking has become the premier luxury sport fishing yacht manufacturer. Another unique aspect of Viking is that they build almost everything on site including fuel and water tanks - exceptions are components such as engines, props and AC units for example. The Healey's are the founders of the recreational fishing alliance which is an incredible non-profit organization that promotes sustainable fisheries. Very recently, Viking has begun to produce a series of motor yachts.

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Popular Viking Yachts Models

Used 56' Class Viking Yachts

Used 72' Class Viking Yachts

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Used 92' Class Viking Yachts


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Viking$149,900361985Fort Pierce, US
37' Billfish profileViking$894,000382017Mt Pleasant, US
Viking$149,999381994Marathon, US
Viking$149,999381994Marathon, US
THUNDERBIRDViking$119,000421986Stuart, US
Viking$749,000422013Ft Lauderdale, US
Viking$945,000422014Destin, US
Viking$655,000422012Delray Beach, US
Viking$769,000422013Coral Gables, US
OUR TRADEViking$795,000422013North Palm Beach, US
CAPITATIONViking$795,000422013Miami, US
Viking$995,000422014Palm Beach, US
Sistership PhotoViking$665,000422012Cruising to Palm Beach, US
Main ProfileViking$775,000422014Marathon, US
Viking$349,500442001Atlantic Beach, US
Viking$329,000442001Hilton Head, US
Viking$159,900441997Key Largo, US
Viking$180,000441995Panama City, US
Viking$179,000441997Fort Lauderdale, US
Viking 44 Open ProfileViking442019Anna Maria, US
ProfileViking$274,999461989Cape Canaveral, US
Viking$495,000462004Fort Pierce, US
Viking$489,889462004Pensacola, US
Viking$459,000462006Hobe Sound, US
Viking$475,000462004Wanchese, US
Viking$625,000462008Palm Beach, US
Viking$499,000462005Southport, US
Viking$979,995462013Jupiter, US
Viking$109,900461982Wrightsville Beach, US
Running ShotViking$1,225,000462014Destin, US
Viking$1,280,000462015Fort Lauderdale, US
Viking$250,000481998SEBASTIAN, US
Viking$239,000481996Ft. Lauderdale, US
Viking$690,000482005Delray Beach, US
Full CircleViking$109,900481988Fort Lauderdale, US
ProfileViking$369,000482003Lighthouse Point, US
Viking$825,000482007Stuart, US
Viking$159,000481989Miami, US
Viking$549,000482002Fort Lauderdale, US
Viking$440,000482003Coral Gables, US
Viking$149,000481988Miami, US
Viking$1,825,000482017Miami, US
48' Viking ConvertibleViking$650,000482002En Route to Florida, US
Viking$149,000481987Cape Coral, US
Viking$1,899,000482018Anna Maria, US
PrivateerViking$499,000482003North Palm Beach, US
Viking$679,000482005Miami Beach, US
2006 Viking 48 ConvertibleViking$645,000482006Charleston, US
Viking$259,900511991Key West, US
Viking$1,195,000512010Brunswick, US
PROFILEViking$1,279,000512011ISLAMORADA, US
Viking$1,149,000512010Miami, US
Viking$1,099,000512012Panama City Beach, US
Starboard ProfileViking$1,199,999512013Destin, US
Running ShotViking$469,000511997Palm Beach Gardens, US
Viking 50 CNV 2013Viking$1,249,900512013Sarasota, US
Viking$975,000532007Hollywood, US
Viking$749,900532005Key West, US
Viking$2,299,000532017Marco Island/River Forest Yachting Center, Moore Haven, US
Dead Line 2004 Viking ProfileViking$675,000532004Pensacola, US
Double Eagle ProfileViking$649,900532002Boca Raton, US
Viking$925,000532008Naples, US
Martha DViking$1,795,000532015Stuart, US
BeckyViking$860,000532008North Palm Beach, US
Peace of Mind IIIViking$2,349,000532017Palm Beach Gardens, US
MAYAViking$735,000532004Lighthouse Point, US
52 Sport CoupeViking$1,895,000532016Jupiter, US
2002 52 VikingViking$699,000532002Stuart, US
2005 52 VikingViking$749,000532005Stuart, US
Viking$199,000531990Port Royal, US
Viking$184,900531991Pompano Beach, US
MainViking$218,888531990Little River, US
Viking$297,000531997Fort Lauderdale, US
Viking$695,000552003St Augustine, US
Viking$1,999,000552013Miami, US
Viking$3,125,000552018Fajardo, Puerto Rico, US
Viking$259,000551989Ruskin, US
Viking$669,000552001St Petersburg, US
WHY KNOTViking$2,925,000552018Palm Beach Gardens, US
Viking$1,999,000552013Aventura, US
Viking$575,000551998Jupiter, US
Starboard ProfileViking$865,000572005Destin, US
56' Viking Convertible 2006Viking$1,099,000572006Aventura, US
2005 56 Viking ConvertibleViking$895,000572005Anna Maria, US
True GritViking$1,239,000572006Lighthouse Point, US
Viking$849,900572004Fort Lauderdale, US
Starboard ProfileViking$709,000572004Miami, US
Viking$1,195,000572008Palm Beach, US
Viking$825,000572004Charleston, US
Viking$259,900571990Beaufort, US
Viking$449,500592006FT Lauderdale, US
Viking$349,000591997New Smyrna Beach, US
58Ft. Viking Enclosed 1999Viking$589,000591999Miami, US
ScullyViking$599,000592000Vero Beach, US
Viking$650,000591999Coral Gables, US
Delta JViking$599,000592000Charleston, US
1997 58 VikingViking$479,000591997Stuart, US
Viking$2,189,000612010Coral Gables, US
BLUE ANGELViking$1,850,000612008Ft. Lauderdale, US
Viking$1,895,000612009Ocean Reef, US
Viking$449,500612001Fort Lauderdale, US
ProfileViking$495,000612000Stuart, US
Viking$1,899,999612009Destin, US
Viking$795,000612001Palm Beach, US
2005 61 Viking ConvertibleViking$1,149,000612005Anna Maria, US
Viking$799,000612002Anna Maria, US
Lady LaneViking$695,000612002Singer Island, US
DUCK SOUPViking Yachts$999,000612001Ft Lauderdale, US
Delta JViking$1,099,000612003North Palm Beach, US
Viking$829,000612002Dania Beach, US
Starboard ProfileViking$1,049,000612004Ft Lauderdale, US
Viking$589,000612003Ft. Lauderdale, US
Viking$999,000612005Stuart, US
Viking$949,000612005North Palm Beach, US
ProfileViking$3,350,000632015Naples, US
62 Viking Enclosed Bridge - ProfileViking$3,900,000632017Anna Maria, US
Magic LadyViking$2,895,000632014West Palm Beach, US
FREE SPOOLViking$3,499,000632016Ft. Pierce, US
ODINViking$3,350,000632015Ft. Lauderdale, US
Foolish PleasureViking$2,999,000632014Palm Beach Gardens, US
WanderlustViking$3,995,000632018North Palm Beach, US
Viking$1,549,000652007Pensacola, US
Viking$1,625,000652008Jupiter, US
Viking$1,995,000652007Palm Beach, US
ProfileViking$1,599,500652007Anna Maria, US
2007 64 Viking Convertible Galati Yacht Sales TradeViking$1,579,000652007Anna Maria, US
Stihl LeaderViking$1,399,000652007North Palm Beach, US
ProfileViking$1,749,000652008Ponce Inlet, US
Viking$645,000652003Ft. Pierce, US
Viking$1,049,000652003Naples, US
Viking$1,095,000652002Miami, US
Sister ShipViking$549,900652001Nashville, US
Viking$757,000652000Ft. Lauderdale, US
Private IslandViking$1,400,000652005Jupiter, US
Viking$799,000652001Ft. Lauderdale, US
Viking$1,175,000652001Miami, US
Viking$3,275,000672013Palm Beach, US
Viking$3,195,000672013Anna Maria Island, US
Port ProfileViking$3,385,000672014Miami, US
Viking$3,950,000672015Anna Maria, US
Viking$3,950,000672016Ft. Lauderdale, US
ShooterViking$2,995,000672013Jupiter, US
PescariaViking$3,950,000672015Hillsboro Beach, US
Jenny MarieViking$2,749,000672012Palm Beach Gardens, US
ST. JUDITH IVViking$3,390,000672013West Palm Beach, US
2013 66 VikingViking$3,295,000672013North Palm Beach, US
Viking$2,399,000692008Palm Beach, US
Viking$1,799,000692007Pompano Beach, US
Viking$1,550,000692006Jupiter, US
Viking$2,359,000692008Cruising, Carribbean, US
PANDAMONIUMViking$1,695,000692007North Palm Beach, US
Viking$3,950,000712014Jupiter, US
Hooked UpViking$4,995,000712015Jupiter, US
Viking$3,299,000712011Fort Lauderdale, US
Viking$4,550,000712014Anna Maria, US
Viking$5,190,000712015Riviera Beach, US
Profile RunningViking$599,000731990Unknown, US
Viking$439,000731991Stuart, US
72' Viking CruiserViking$1,195,000731999Fort Lauderdale, US
Viking$6,550,000732018Palm Beach, US
Viking$2,100,000752007Jupiter, US
Starboard ProfileViking$2,295,000752005Sandestin, US
2007 74' Viking Enclosed BridgeViking Yachts$2,100,000752007Jupiter, US
74 VikingViking$1,750,000752005Palm Beach, US
ProfileViking$1,799,000752006Jupiter, US
Reel Big PopsieViking$4,285,000762013Naples, US
REEL PLEASUREViking$4,195,000762010Palm Beach, US
2013 76 VikingViking$5,180,000762013Stuart, US
Viking$6,995,000802016Enroute to Florida, US
China TimeViking$7,250,000802017Jupiter, US
Gray GhostViking$7,195,000802018Boca Raton, US
Viking$3,970,000822010Ft Lauderdale, US
Viking$3,900,000822010Jupiter, US
No Name 82Viking$5,595,000822013Miami, US
Viking$7,995,000922015Clearwater, US

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