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Used Viking Sportfish for Sale in FL

At Flagler Yachts, we're excited to offer some of the leading convertible sportfishing yachts in the industry from Viking Yachts. All used Viking sportfish models listed on our MLS search are available for immediate inspection through our Viking yacht brokers at Flagler Yachts. 

History of Viking Yachts

Founded in the early 1960s by Bob and Bill Healey, Viking Yachts earned a world-renowned reputation for their expertise in engineering innovative, cutting-edge sportfishing models. By 1972, the company built the first all-fiberglass model, the Viking 33C. In less than a decade, Viking established itself as one of the leading semi-custom fiberglass yachting brands worldwide. Viking yachts range in length from 37 to 93 feet and virtually everything except for components (such as engines, transmissions, electronics and air conditioning units) are produced in-house by the company's talented workforce.

In 1999, Viking Yachts introduced the 61-foot convertible, and in 2010, the company unveiled the Viking 76 Enclosed Bridge. In recent years Viking Yachts has expanded to not only offer the well-known production Sportfish and now offer Motor Yachts and in 2019 announced a new center console brand, Valhalla Boats.

How Flagler Yachts can Help with the Sales Process

Whether you're purchasing a yacht for the first time or selling for an upgrade, our team at Flagler Yachts will make every transaction as seamless as possible in the process of obtaining ownership. Our licensed brokers create full-service marketing plans and ensure maximum web visibility for selling your yacht.

Whether you want to schedule a viewing or need assistance selling your used vessel, our boutique marketing plans are designed to make your search simple and effective. Flagler Yachts specializes in offering purchase assistance to all buyers. We'll let you know if the offer you're making is realistic and assist you with any unusual terms of sale.

Before making your purchase, our brokers can also help you find the right loan and marine insurer. Our professionals conduct in-depth research on histories of all boats for sale, so you don't have to — this means reviewing what you want and need to know and narrowing down our search to eliminate undesirable vessels. Throughout the transfer of ownership process, we'll also ensure you have a complete understanding every step of the way.

When it is Time for a Change: Selling and Marketing Your Viking Yacht

Although we use a variety of mediums and platforms — including social media channels and print ads — to help you gain exposure for the sale of your yacht, we can be as hands-on or off as you prefer. With our contacts in other luxury industries we can offer unique marketing opportunities for our clients - from fishing tournaments to niche events, those in the know will know your used Viking yacht is readily for sale!

Browse Our Used Viking Yachts for Sale in Florida

At Flagler Yachts, we're proud to offer Viking's exceptional sportfishing yachts through our MLS platform. Feel free to browse popular used Viking yachts for sale on our website and narrow results by preferred options, size, year or price. Or, if you'd like suggestions about similar pre-owned sportfish models, we'd be happy to create a personalized list of yachts to meet your needs or specifications. Contact one of our Viking yacht brokers via the email button on this page or give us a call at 561-295-8880. 

We love talking boats, so if you have questions about any of our Viking sportfish convertibles, motor yachts, enclosed bridge, open, express or sport yachts on our MLS search, we're more than happy to help!

Popular Viking Yachts Models

Used 56' Class Viking Yachts

Used 72' Class Viking Yachts

Used 61' Class Viking Yachts

Used 82' Class Viking Yachts

Used 65' Class Viking Yachts

Used 92' Class Viking Yachts


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THUNDERBIRDViking$104,000411986Stuart, US
Front viewViking$629,000422013North Miami, US
Viking$685,000422014Fort Lauderdale, US
Viking$650,000422014North Palm Beach, US
ProfileViking$599,000422013Miami, US
Viking$874,000422014Destin, US
2013 42 Viking Open - ProfileViking$649,000422013Destin, US
Misa Viking 2013Viking$599,500422013Fort Walton Beach, US
Starboard ProfileViking$749,000422014Palm Beach, US
Port ProfileViking$749,000422012Fort Lauderdale, US
Viking$869,000422015Stuart, US
Viking$749,999422014Palm Beach Gardens, US
Viking$109,000441991Destin, US
Viking$329,000442001Hilton Head, US
Viking$149,000441997Destin, US
ProfileViking$239,000441996Marco Island, US
ProfileViking$119,000441987Fort Lauderdale, US
Port SideViking$124,500441986Punta Gorda, US
Viking$140,000461988Roper, US
Viking$438,900462004Fort Pierce, US
Viking$424,444462004Pensacola, US
ProfileViking$219,000461989Cape Canaveral, US
1990 45 Viking - ProfileViking$129,000461990Destin, US
Viking$465,000462003Charleston, US
Viking$1,195,000462015Fort Lauderdale, US
Viking$250,000481998Sebastian, US
At SeaViking$294,500481999Fort Lauderdale, US
Viking$179,000481989Clearwater Beach, US
Viking 2005 48 ConvertibleViking$599,900482005Lighthouse Point, US
Viking$149,000481988Miami, US
48' Viking ConvertibleViking$650,000482002Unknown, US
Viking$669,000482003Unknown, US
Viking$175,000481989Miami, US
Viking$119,000481987Cape Coral, US
Viking$1,699,000482017Miami, US
Viking$599,900482005Lighthouse Point, US
PrivateerViking$485,000482003Dania, US
ABSOLUTViking$1,679,000482017North Palm Beach, US
Viking$1,749,000482017Treasure Island, US
ProfileViking$595,000482004Stuart, US
Viking$309,000501999Beaufort, US
Viking$465,000501999Manteo, US
Viking$1,075,000502009Boca Raton, US
Tiger SixViking$485,000502001Jupiter, US
ProfileViking$449,000502000Stuart, US
Dead LineViking$625,000522004North Palm Beach, US
2016 Viking 52 Convertible ProfileViking$1,999,000522016Boca Raton, US
VictoriousViking$825,000522009Palm Beach Gardens, US
Viking$895,000522004Miami, US
2012 Viking 52 OpenViking$1,149,000522012Boca Grande, US
Viking$2,190,000522018Palm Beach, US
2005 52 VikingViking$579,000522005Stuart, US
Viking$675,000522002Palm Beach, US
MainViking$214,900531990Little River, US
Viking$229,000531990Stuart, US
Starboard ProfileViking$297,000541994North Myrtle Beach, US
2008 Viking 54 Convertible - SarcoViking$949,000542008Anna Maria, US
2008 54 VikingViking$1,199,000542008Palm Beach, US
WANI KANATIViking$495,000551999Palm Beach Gardens, US
Viking$875,000552002North Palm Beach, US
Viking$575,000551998Jupiter, US
Viking$1,925,000552014North Palm Beach, US
Viking$289,000551989Palm Beach, US
O.C.D.Viking$550,000552000Miami, US
Viking$579,000551999Coral Gables, US
No VacancyViking$599,000552001Palm Beach Gardens, US
2015 55 VikingViking$2,395,000552015Stuart, US
Viking$425,000551998Fort Lauderdale, US
2005 56 Viking ConvertibleViking$899,000562005Anna Maria, US
2005 56 Viking Starboard ProfileViking$835,000562005Destin, US
Viking$719,000562004Anna Maria, US
Viking$799,000562006Destin, US
Viking$849,000562005Jupiter, US
56 Viking 2004 Viking$995,000562004Sandestin, US
Viking$749,000562004Dania Beach, US
2008 56 VikingViking$1,175,000562008North Palm Beach, US
Port ProfileViking$1,225,000562005Miami, US
Viking$350,000582000North Miami, US
Viking$475,000582000Key West, US
Viking$399,000581995Coral Gables, US
BLUE BIRDViking$3,295,000582019North Palm Beach, US
Viking$1,995,000602009Jupiter, US
Viking$369,500602001Fort Lauderdale, US
ProfileViking$459,000602000Stuart, US
Viking$1,895,000602008Aventura, US
2009 Viking 60 EB - Medicine ManViking$1,879,000602009Delray Beach, US
Viking$1,695,000602009Fort Lauderdale, US
Viking$2,199,000602012Dania Beach, US
Viking$1,100,000612004New Smyrna Beach, US
Viking$699,000612002Anna Maria, US
Viking$1,149,000612006Anna Maria, US
2003 61 Viking Flybridge-IYBA ProfileViking$1,100,000612003Destin, US
ODINViking$1,099,000612004Fort Lauderdale, US
REEL TACTICALViking$659,000612001Pompano Beach, US
Viking$1,149,000612005North Palm Beach, US
Viking$1,100,000612004Pompano Beach, US
Viking$995,000612004Palm City, US
Delta JViking$985,000612003Stuart, US
2004 61 VikingViking$950,000612004Singer Island, US
Viking$2,699,000622014Fort Lauderdale, US
TAMI ANNViking$3,950,000622017Palm Beach Gardens, US
Viking$2,825,000622014North Palm Beach, US
Magic LadyViking$2,349,000622014North Palm Beach, US
ODINViking$2,875,000622015Fort Lauderdale, US
SNEAKY PETEViking$3,090,000622016North Palm Beach, US
63 Viking Widebody Motor YachtViking$349,000631989Myrtle Beach, US
ProfileViking$1,499,000642008Palm Beach Gardens, US
Viking$1,695,000642007Lighthouse, US
Viking$1,499,000642008Jupiter, US
Viking$1,995,000642008Miami, US
Viking$1,795,000642007San Juan, PR, US
Viking$1,495,000642008Palm Beach Gardens, US
2007 64 Viking Enclosed BridgeViking$1,599,000642007Vero Beach, US
BBViking$1,499,000642007Wrightsville Beach, US
Viking$1,050,000652000Destin, US
Viking$995,000652003Naples, US
Viking$699,000652000Fort Lauderdale, US
Viking$775,000652002Fort Lauderdale, US
2004 65 Viking Flybridge - ProfileViking$1,250,000652004Sandestin, US
MAVERICKViking$995,000652002Dania Beach, US
Viking$975,000652004Fort Lauderdale, US
Silver SprayViking$995,000652005Stuart, US
Viking$2,790,000662013Fort Lauderdale, US
Holo NuiViking$3,995,000662017North Palm Beach, US
ShooterViking$2,795,000662013Jupiter, US
PescariaViking$3,399,000662015Singer Island, US
ST. JUDITH IVViking$2,495,000662013Boynton Beach, US
ProfileViking$5,495,000682019Stuart, US
Viking$2,359,000682008Palm Beach Gardens, US
Viking$1,399,000682006Fort Lauderdale, US
Viking$2,295,000682010Miami, US
2019 68 Viking Convertible - ProfileViking$5,195,000682019Sandestin, US
Viking$1,795,000682006Fort Lauderdale, US
2011 70 Viking Flybridge ProfileViking$3,489,000702011Pensacola, US
2016 70 VikingViking$4,600,000702016Palm Beach, US
Viking$4,550,000702016Palm Beach, US
Viking$4,495,000702015Fort Lauderdale, US
72' Viking CruiserViking$1,195,000721999Fort Lauderdale, US
Profile RunningViking$599,000721990Unknown, US
GYS Our Trade Viking 2017 ProfileViking$5,945,000722017Destin, US
Viking$799,000721991Southport, US
Viking$6,495,000722019Jupiter, US
DITCH DIGGERViking$6,199,000722017North Palm Beach, US
Viking$2,200,000742007North Palm Beach, US
Viking$2,449,000742005West Palm Beach, US
Viking$2,199,000742009Jupiter, US
Viking$2,190,000742007Boca Raton, US
2005 Viking 74 EBViking$1,850,000742005Anna Maria, US
Viking 75 MY ProfileViking$6,199,000752018Naples, US
Viking$4,595,000762011Fort Lauderdale, US
Viking$6,795,000802016Miami, US
VERA DViking$7,895,000802019North Palm Beach, US
No Name 82Viking$4,659,000822013Miami, US
Viking$7,799,595822016Fort Lauderdale, US
Viking$7,495,000922015Anna Maria, US
Viking$8,599,000922017West Palm Beach, US
BOOK ENDSViking$11,000,000932018Fort Lauderdale, US

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