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Image Make Price Length Year Location
$1,899,000 84ft 2006 Fort Myers FL
2017 Barker Boatworks 400 FS7 - Profile 7oceans $359,000 40ft 2017 Bradenton FL
AB $22,000,000 120ft 2023 Miami FL
AB $7,995,000 116ft 2012 Ft. Lauderdale FL
AB Yachts $1,999,000 92ft 2008 Miami Beach FL
Abeking & Rasmussen $4,750,000 139ft 2008 FORT LAUDERDALE FL
Able $295,000 42ft 1990 Mystic CT
MERLIN Able $495,000 44ft 1995 Portsmouth RI
Ablemarle $199,992 27ft 2020 Bradenton FL
Absolute $1,029,000 50ft 2019 Manhattan NY
Absolute $1,295,000 48ft 2022 Coral Gables FL
Absolute $1,329,000 50ft 2020 Fort Lauderdale FL
Absolute $1,399,000 58ft 2018 Delray Beach FL
Absolute $1,549,000 60ft 2018 Venice FL
Absolute $1,645,000 58ft 2019 Stuart FL
Absolute $1,695,000 58ft 2020 Fort Lauderdale FL
Absolute $1,799,000 52ft 2021 Aventura FL
Absolute $1,995,000 52ft 2023 Staten Island NY
Absolute $2,199,000 62ft 2022 Staten Island NY
Absolute $2,200,000 62ft 2020 Aventura FL
Absolute $2,375,000 52ft 2023 Fort Lauderdale FL
Absolute $2,999,000 62ft 2023 miami FL
Absolute $3,790,000 68ft 2022 Palm Beach FL
Absolute $395,000 40ft 2015 Miami Beach FL
Absolute $895,000 50ft 2017 Mount Pleasant SC
Absolute $998,000 64ft 2013 North Miami Beach FL
Aicon $599,000 64ft 2005 Miami FL
Aicon $599,900 58ft 2010 Miami FL
Airship $149,000 33ft 2013 fort lauderdale FL
Airship $399,900 34ft 2024 fort lauderdale FL

Used Contender Outboard Boats for Sale in FL

Pre-owned Contender boats always tend to have a loyal following due to their unmatched comfort, range and speed. Sometimes, used Contender boats for sale only last a few days on the market, so make sure you check back frequently to stay up-to-date on available pre-owned Contender boats for sale. Contender boats offer the perfect combination of speed, adaptability and a smooth ride. 

About Contender Boats

Since 1984, Contender Boats has been producing durable, lightweight fishing boats and consoles. Initially built for the serious fisherman, Contender boats have surged in popularity over the years due to their use of cutting-edge technology and quality materials. Each Contender vessel is crafted with hand laminated solid fiberglass and manufactured using a deep-V 24.5-degree transom deadrise hull, which incorporates a reverse radius chine. 

Joe Neber, president and owner of Contender Boats, has an undeniable passion for fishing and was named the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida 2016 Conservation Partner of the Year. For 35 years, Contender fishing boats have been used for recreation and competitive fishing activities alike. Contender designs 22- to 44-foot boats for fisherman and all models over 25 feet feature three components — the liner, cap and hull. Contender boats come complete with a wide range of Yamaha engine options. 

Benefits of Contender boats include:

  • Custom options: Contender boats are equipped with custom options including: offshore fishing towers, leaning posts, livewells, fishfinding technology like Chirp, outriggers, GPS and electronics, rod holders and all sorts of fishing accessories. As a potential Contender boat owner, Flagler Yachts can help you find the right used Contender down to the smallest component from power options, hull size, electronics package, upholstery, livewells, custom rigging and more. 
  • Fast and built to perform offshore: Each Contender vessel is outfitted with structural core sandwich construction, aerospace-grade composites, vinylester resin and gel coats for mirror-like finishes. 

Why Choose Flagler Yachts for Your Buying and Selling Needs  

Whether you're looking to trade, buy or sell a Contender boat, our team of professionals at Flagler Yachts brokerage has got you covered. We know how important it is to research and preview all vessels on our MLS, and that's why we scrutinize market trends and authenticate the quality of all boats to help you achieve the best results possible. 

If you decide to purchase a used Contenders, our team will help you decide on an offer that protects your interests and provide service that exceeds your expectations for a sale or purchase. We'll also ensure the processes all the way through the transfer of ownership are smooth and concise and prepare the paperwork necessary for closing.

If you're interested in selling a pre-owned Contender boat or similar vessel on our site, we'll create a full-service marketing plan to ensure your boat has maximum visibility for a timely sale. 

Schedule a Viewing for a Used Contender Boat in FL 

If interested in a pre-owned Contender boat on our MLS, feel free to give us a call at 561-295-8880 or email one of our Contender brokers today using the form on this page. If you're looking for a particular style, price, size or year, we can also help you narrow your search or assist with the purchase of any other center console boat not on our site. 

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Image Make Price Length Year Location
Contender 33 - Exterior profile on the water Contender $144,999 33ft 1998 Fort Walton Beach FL
Contender $349,000 32.58ft 2021 Miami FL
Contender $132,500 31ft 1996 Delray Beach FL
Contender $210,000 28ft 2023 Jupiter FL
Contender $665,000 44ft 2020 Palm Beach Gardens FL
Contender $215,000 36.25ft 2007 Lighthouse Point FL
Contender $419,000 39ft 2021 Coral Gables FL
Contender $298,000 30ft 2019 Jupiter FL
Contender $199,900 26ft 2023 Sebastian FL
Contender $129,950 29.92ft 2006 Naples FL
Contender $619,000 39ft 2021 Saint Petersburg FL
Contender $269,000 28ft 2023 Stuart FL
Contender $839,000 44ft 2022 Fort Lauderdale FL
2016 Contender 30 ST- DRINK IT FAST- STBD Profile Contender $249,000 29.67ft 2016 Lighthouse Point FL
Contender $145,000 35.17ft 2004 Aventura FL
Contender $169,900 32.58ft 2009 Marco Island FL
Contender $399,900 39.92ft 2008 Boynton Beach FL
Contender $599,000 39ft 2023 Miami FL
Contender $555,000 39ft 2022 North Miami FL
Contender 30ft 2024 Fort Lauderdale FL
Contender $121,000 30ft 1997 Miami FL
Contender $135,000 36ft 2004 Miami FL
Contender $749,000 43.83ft 2022 Fort Lauderdale FL
Contender $299,500 34.42ft 2018 Miami FL
Contender $899,900 44ft 2023 Key Largo FL
2019-Contender-30-ST Contender $239,000 29ft 2019 Miami FL
Contender $215,000 28ft 2020 Key Biscayne FL
Contender $699,000 43.83ft 2021 Clearwater Beach FL
Contender $609,000 39ft 2022 Miami FL
Contender $389,000 32.58ft 2023 Englewood FL
Contender $189,000 32.42ft 2004 Jupiter FL
Contender 28S 2019 Contender $200,000 28ft 2019 Key Biscayne FL
Contender $449,000 34.42ft 2021 Stuart FL
Contender $249,999 32ft 2015 Miami FL
Contender $118,000 30ft 2005 Fort Lauderdale FL
Contender $473,000 39.75ft 2008 Coral Gables FL
Contender $212,000 32ft 2012 Key Largo FL
Contender $250,000 28ft 2020 Jacksonville FL
Contender $599,000 39ft 2021 Stuart FL
Contender 43.83ft 2023 Fort Lauderdale FL
Contender $534,986 39ft 2021 Bradenton FL
Contender $459,000 39ft 2019 Daytona Beach FL
Contender $399,000 35ft 2020 Miami FL
Contender $155,000 36ft 2000 North Palm Beach FL
Contender $125,000 35ft 1993 Coconut Grove FL
Contender $229,900 29.67ft 2013 Saint Petersburg FL
Contender $419,999 39ft 2019 Sebastian FL
Contender $389,000 39.75ft 2013 Miami FL
Contender $349,000 32.67ft 2018 Stuart FL
Contender $349,000 32ft 2018 Stuart FL
Contender $263,900 35ft 2015 Barrington RI
28 Contender 2020 Contender $250,000 28ft 2020 Neptune Beach FL
Contender $195,000 36ft 2002 Key West FL
2008 Contender 35 Fish Around Black Friday Contender $175,000 36ft 2008 Galveston TX
Contender $479,000 39ft 2019 Dayton Beach FL
39 Contender 2020 Contender $475,000 39ft 2020 Mount Pleasant SC
2017 Contender 39 Fish Around Fools Gold Contender $415,000 39ft 2017 Galveston TX
Contender $1,425,000 44ft 2023 Key West FL
Contender $98,000 23ft 2001 Wilbur by the Sea FL
Contender $575,000 39ft 2021 Pompano Beach FL
Contender $114,900 35ft 2001 Brunswick GA
Contender $268,000 29ft 2019 Miami FL
2013 35' Contender ST - Exterior Profile Contender $290,000 35ft 2013 Coral Gables FL
Contender $305,000 30ft 2019 Key Largo FL
Contender $249,999 32ft 2015 Miami FL
Contender $230,000 36ft 2007 Lighthouse Point FL

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