General Description

Presenting the 2018 390Z SeaVee – a harmonious blend of performance and functionality. This vessel stands as a testament to efficiency and practical design, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable experience on the water.

Key Features:

  • Engine: 2021 Mercury 300 V8s with 300 hours.
  • Upgraded Navigation: New Raymarine Electronics, including in the tower.
  • Trailering Convenience: Foldable tower designed for hassle-free trailering.
  • Steering Precision: New autopilot system.
  • Refreshed Comfort: Brand new upholstery and additional front fold-out seats.
  • Sound System: Updated and New JL Audio stereo.
  • Power Supply: Equipped with new batteries for sustained operation.

In-depth Features:

  • Reliable Power: Powered by the 2021 Mercury 300 V8s, this boat guarantees dependable performance for all your marine endeavors.

  • Efficient Navigation: The new Raymarine Electronics and tower provide accuracy and clarity, ensuring you can navigate with confidence.

  • Trailering Simplified: The practical foldable tower ensures easy trailering, streamlining the process of transportation and storage.

  • Enhanced Comfort: The addition of new upholstery and front fold-out seats offers both aesthetic appeal and comfort for those on board.

  • Audio Experience: The JL Audio stereo upgrade ensures high-quality sound, enhancing the overall ambiance during your trips.

Embark on a journey with the 2018 390Z SeaVee. Designed to prioritize both function and user experience, this boat promises memorable moments on the water.


  • Fuel Capacity --
  • Water Capacity --