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Image Make Price Length Year Location
AB $14,000,000 116ft 2012 Miami FL
Abeking & Rasmussen $4,900,000 139ft 1985 Ft. Lauderdale FL
Profile AC Mcleod $499,900 79ft 1982 Haverstraw NY
Aicon $310,000 56ft 2006 Stuart FL Under Contract
Aicon $349,000 56ft 2004 Coral Gables FL
Alaskan $1,995,000 76ft 2008 Seattle WA
Alaskan $3,588,000 88ft 2007 Edmonton Alberta
Albemarle $114,000 31ft 2005 Carrabelle
Albemarle $124,900 31ft 2005 Jacksonville FL
2006 Albemarle 32 Express - Freedom Albemarle $149,000 32ft 2006 St. Petersburg FL
Albemarle 25 Express 2017 Albemarle $164,900 25ft 2017 Galveston TX
Albemarle $275,000 28ft 2016 Charleston SC
Albemarle $98,500 32ft 2002 Beaufort NC
32 2001 Albemarle Profile Albemarle $99,500 32ft 2001 Key Largo FL
Albin $165,000 36ft 2001 Punta Gorda FL
Albin $75,000 28ft 2005 Fort Myers FL
Adell Albin $79,000 28ft 2003 Vero Beach FL
Cara Lynn Alden $199,000 46ft 1988 Anapolis MD
Alliaura Marine $140,000 39ft 1992 Patchogue NY
Alliaura Marine $453,999 49ft 2006 Pompano Beach FL
Altima $499,000 55ft 2004 New Smyrna Beach FL
American Tug $1,250,000 48ft 2021 Punta Gorda FL
American Tug $379,000 41ft 2005 LaSalle Ontario
American Tug $455,000 36ft 2021 Punta Gorda FL
American Tug $499,000 41ft 2007 FL
American Tug $675,000 39ft 2021 Punta Gorda FL
American Tug $885,000 43ft 2021 Punta Gorda FL
2015 48' American Tug 485 American Tug $899,000 48ft 2015 Stuart FL
American Tug $899,900 48ft 2014 Pensacola FL
Andros $284,900 32ft 2018 FL

Used Intrepid Outboard Boats for Sale in FL

Intrepid Powerboats manufacture walkaround, cuddy, center console, yacht tender, sport yacht, fishing and law-enforcement boats. With the company's emphasis on comfort, customization and performance, it's no wonder Intrepid Powerboats has such a loyal following! At Flagler Yachts, our licensed brokers will help you whether you are looking to buy, sell or trade a used Intrepid boat.

About Intrepid Powerboats

Launched in 1983, Intrepid Powerboats' first boat on the market was a 30-foot powerboat built with a core composite system. The company was founded by John Michel in Largo, Florida, who is still known for his innovative, customizable and high performing designs. Intrepid is also known for designing the first vacuum-bag infusion molding process. Over its 30-year history, Intrepid designers have continually incorporated innovations to their boats, including a Kevlar construction process for a lighter, more durable hull and more efficient ride.

Today, Intrepid Powerboats continues to produce vessels custom to individual needs, whether for cruising, diving or fishing. The company continues to make industry-leading strides on engineering, marine design and fabrication techniques.

Why You Need a Broker When Purchasing a Yacht or Boat

When purchasing a yacht in the state of Florida, there can be several advantages to having a broker in your corner. Brokers can save time and money when going through the boat buying process. At Flagler Yachts, we want to help you secure a great deal on your next boat or yacht. Plus, we love talking boats, so feel free to stop in our office in Jupiter, Florida, anytime! When looking to purchase a used intrepid boat, a yacht brokerage company will help you:

  • Understand escrow accounts, State required
  • Make sure you have an accurate record of the value of the boat and transaction
  • Help you make an offer and assist with any unusual terms of sale
  • Narrow your search to vessels that best fit your needs
  • Assist you in finding the right surveyor, loan if needed, and marine insurer

Contact Flagler Yachts for Boat Brokerage Services in Jupiter, FL

Whether you're seeking used Intrepid boats for sale or want to sell or trade your yacht, Flagler Yachts has the connections and experience to help you find the right fit. Although stationed in Jupiter, Florida, our brokers sell, trade and obtain yachts all across the United States. We pride ourselves on building relationships based on trust and high-quality, personalized service with all our customers. 

We conduct in-depth research on all vessels to help you with the buying, selling and trading processes. Our team analyzes yacht dimensions before tours, calculates the number of hours a boat has on the engines and generator and puts together yacht descriptions, photos of all features and location information. 

If you see a pre-owned Intrepid boat for sale that piques your interest on our MLS, feel free to give us a call at 561-295-8880, or email our Intrepid boat brokers using the contact us email form. Allow us to do the leg work for you to find the Intrepid boat that's right for your boating lifestyle. As the engineers and designers of Intrepid Powerboats say — no two Intrepid boats are alike. 

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Image Make Price Length Year Location
Intrepid $255,000 32ft 2014 Delray Beach FL
Intrepid $199,000 32ft 2015 Fort Lauderdale FL Under Contract
Intrepid $215,000 32ft 2016 Fort Lauderdale FL
Intrepid $129,000 31ft 2007 Nassau Bahamas
Intrepid $159,000 34ft 2002 Palm City FL
Intrepid $434,900 34ft 2019 Largo FL Under Contract
Intrepid $349,000 37ft 2016 North Miami Beach FL
Profile Intrepid $215,500 37ft 2008 Ft Lauderdale FL
Intrepid $249,000 37ft 2003 VA Beach VA
Intrepid $315,000 37ft 2014 Juno Beach FL
Intrepid $329,000 37ft 2014 Fort Lauderdale FL
Intrepid $260,000 37ft 2006 Delray Beach FL
Intrepid $475,000 40ft 2019 Fort Lauderdale FL
Intrepid $569,000 41ft 2016 CT
Profile Intrepid $490,000 43ft 2009 Fort Lauderdale FL
Intrepid $425,000 43ft 2010 San Diego CA
Intrepid $1,159,000 47ft 2021 Fort Lauderdale FL
Intrepid $574,000 47ft 2010 Delray Beach FL
Intrepid $999,000 47ft 2019 Miami Beach FL
Intrepid $269,000 37ft 2010 Miami FL
Intrepid $490,000 43ft 2009 Fort Lauderdale FL
Urn'd It Intrepid $299,000 35ft 2009 Fort Lauderdale FL
Intrepid $439,900 43ft 2011 Jupiter FL
Intrepid $799,000 41ft 2019 Sarasota FL
Intrepid $199,000 37ft 2003 Fort Lauderdale FL
Intrepid $769,000 47ft 2012 Miami FL
Intrepid $395,000 37.5ft 2019 Jupiter FL
Intrepid $439,000 37ft 2019 Naples FL
Intrepid $289,000 32ft 2017 Fort Lauderdale FL
Intrepid $610,000 43ft 2016 Fort Myers FL
Intrepid $399,000 40ft 2015 Tampa FL
Intrepid $234,999 36.83ft 2014 Stuart FL
Intrepid $589,000 47ft 2010 Palm Beach Gardens FL
Intrepid $229,900 35ft 2007 Miami FL
Intrepid $329,000 37.42ft 2014 Fort Lauderdale FL
Intrepid $154,899 36.5ft 2001 Fort Lauderdale FL
Intrepid $219,000 37ft 2008 Lighthouse Point FL
Profile Intrepid $725,000 47.5ft 2015 North Miami FL
Intrepid $249,000 37ft 2008 Miami FL
Intrepid $215,500 37ft 2008 Fort Lauderdale FL
Intrepid $149,000 34.67ft 2002 Miami FL
Intrepid $299,000 37ft 2016 Lake Worth FL
Intrepid $369,900 37.42ft 2016 Miami FL
Manufacturer Provided Image Intrepid $524,000 40ft 2018 Stuart FL
Intrepid $219,500 37ft 2007 Miami FL
Intrepid $489,900 40ft 2016 Miami FL
Main Profile Intrepid $189,000 36.5ft 2003 Delray Beach FL
Intrepid $795,000 40.67ft 2019 Dania Beach FL
Intrepid $135,000 33.75ft 2002 Miami FL
Intrepid $484,000 40ft 2016 Miami FL
Intrepid $159,000 34.67ft 2005 Fort Lauderdale FL
Running Intrepid $429,000 40ft 2011 Fort Lauderdale FL
Intrepid $999,000 47ft 2019 Miami FL
Intrepid $1,200,000 47.42ft 2019 Fort Lauderdale FL
Intrepid $289,000 37.58ft 2004 Miami FL
Intrepid $1,159,000 47ft 2021 Fort Lauderdale FL
Intrepid $499,000 37ft 2019 Palm Beach FL
Intrepid $599,000 40ft 2019 Key West FL
Intrepid $729,000 47ft 2015 Boca Raton FL

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Listings are courtesy of the BoatWizard MLS and may be centrally listed with another broker. It is offered as a convenience by this broker/dealer to its clients and is not intended to convey representation of a particular vessel.

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