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Image Make Price Length Year Location
AB $14,000,000 116ft 2012 Miami FL
Abeking & Rasmussen $4,900,000 139ft 1985 Ft. Lauderdale FL
Profile AC Mcleod $499,900 79ft 1982 Haverstraw NY
Aicon $310,000 56ft 2006 Stuart FL Under Contract
Aicon $349,000 56ft 2004 Coral Gables FL
Alaskan $1,995,000 76ft 2008 Seattle WA
Alaskan $3,588,000 88ft 2007 Edmonton Alberta
Albemarle $114,000 31ft 2005 Carrabelle
Albemarle $124,900 31ft 2005 Jacksonville FL
2006 Albemarle 32 Express - Freedom Albemarle $149,000 32ft 2006 St. Petersburg FL
Albemarle 25 Express 2017 Albemarle $164,900 25ft 2017 Galveston TX
Albemarle $275,000 28ft 2016 Charleston SC
Albemarle $98,500 32ft 2002 Beaufort NC
32 2001 Albemarle Profile Albemarle $99,500 32ft 2001 Key Largo FL
Albin $165,000 36ft 2001 Punta Gorda FL
Albin $75,000 28ft 2005 Fort Myers FL
Adell Albin $79,000 28ft 2003 Vero Beach FL
Cara Lynn Alden $199,000 46ft 1988 Anapolis MD
Alliaura Marine $140,000 39ft 1992 Patchogue NY
Alliaura Marine $453,999 49ft 2006 Pompano Beach FL
Altima $499,000 55ft 2004 New Smyrna Beach FL
American Tug $1,250,000 48ft 2021 Punta Gorda FL
American Tug $379,000 41ft 2005 LaSalle Ontario
American Tug $455,000 36ft 2021 Punta Gorda FL
American Tug $499,000 41ft 2007 FL
American Tug $675,000 39ft 2021 Punta Gorda FL
American Tug $885,000 43ft 2021 Punta Gorda FL
2015 48' American Tug 485 American Tug $899,000 48ft 2015 Stuart FL
American Tug $899,900 48ft 2014 Pensacola FL
Andros $284,900 32ft 2018 FL

Ferretti Yachts for Sale

Below you will be able to narrow your search of Ferretti yachts available for sale in our MLS search. Use the links below to search through our selection of MLS listed Ferretti yachts. For more information on used Ferretti yachts or if you would like to speak to one of our motor yacht brokers, you can email us via the contact form on the website and individual MLS listings or call 561-295-8880 for more immediate assistance. We look forward to finding you the perfect Ferretti or Italian style motor yacht!

Ferretti Yachts was founding in 1968 by brothers Alessandro and Norberto Ferretti. They produced their first wooden motor-sailer model in 1971. By 1975, the brothers had fully committed themselves to the nautical world and in 1982 they had manufactured their first engine power Ferretti motor yacht! All Ferretti models are steeped in Italian motor yacht luxury and tradition. The company is constantly innovating and the new model range displays many of these new technologies as standard equipment or features. The current range of motor yachts is from the 450 to the flagship 960.

Popular Ferretti Yachts Models

Used 53' Class Ferretti Yachts

Used 62' Class Ferretti Yachts

Used 80' Class Ferretti Yachts


Call to Schedule a Viewing: 561-295-8880

Image Make Price Length Year Location
Ferretti Motor Yacht 2001 Whine Cooler Ferretti Yachts $418,000 57ft 2001 Seabrook TX
Ferretti Yachts $600,000 59ft 2003 Pompano Beach FL
Profile Ferretti Yachts $629,000 62ft 2003 Miami FL
Ferretti Yachts $2,199,000 65ft 2018 Long Boat Key FL
BREAKAWAY Ferretti Yachts $925,000 63ft 2009 Treasure Island FL
Ferretti Yachts $675,000 72ft 1998 FL
Ferretti Yachts $1,699,000 83ft 2006 FL
2000 Ferretti 90' Custom Line Ferretti Yachts $1,475,000 90ft 2000 Naples FL
Ferretti Yachts $675,000 73.25ft 1998 Sarasota FL
Ferretti Yachts $1,299,000 78ft 2007 Miami FL
Ferretti Yachts $2,199,000 65ft 2018 Longboat Key FL
Ferretti Yachts $600,000 60.08ft 2003 Pompano Beach FL
Ferretti Yachts $5,499,000 107ft 2012 Miami FL
Ferretti Yachts $800,000 52.5ft 2012 Miami Beach FL
Photo 1 Ferretti Yachts $319,900 53ft 1999 Cape Coral South FL
Ferretti Yachts $1,139,000 76ft 2005 Fort Lauderdale FL
Ferretti Yachts $1,799,000 83ft 2009 Miami Beach FL
Ferretti Yachts $840,000 73ft 2003 Miami FL
Ferretti Yachts $1,198,000 81.5ft 2007 Miami FL
Ferretti Yachts $730,000 52.58ft 2010 Hillsboro Beach FL
Ferretti Yachts $1,950,000 83ft 2010 Fort Lauderdale FL
Ferretti Yachts $849,000 45ft 2017 Fort Lauderdale FL
Ferretti Yachts $1,599,000 88.67ft 2006 Miami FL
Ferretti Yachts $5,479,000 107ft 2012 Fort Lauderdale FL
MISS ALLIED Ferretti Yachts $2,389,000 84ft 2010 Jupiter FL
Ferretti Yachts $7,500,000 92ft 2019 Miami Beach FL
Exterior Ferretti Yachts $2,795,000 66.42ft 2019 Miami Beach FL
Ferretti Yachts $490,000 47ft 2009 Sunny Isles Beach FL
57' Ferretti Ferretti Yachts $999,999 57ft 2011 Miami FL
Ferretti Yachts $619,900 69.5ft 2001 Aventura FL

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