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Image Make Price Length Year Location
AB $2,495,000 92ft 2008 Ft Lauderdale FL
AB $7,995,000 116ft 2012 Ft. Lauderdale FL
MERLIN Able $495,000 44ft 1995 Portsmouth RI
Absolute $1,100,000 50ft 2019 Staten Island NY
Absolute $1,149,000 56ft 2015 Fort Lauderdale FL
Absolute $1,190,000 50ft 2017 Mount Pleasant SC
Absolute $1,199,000 48ft 2020 Jensen Beach FL
Absolute $1,325,000 48ft 2022 Miami FL
Absolute $1,849,000 58ft 2018 Delray Beach FL
Absolute $4,490,000 68ft 2022 Miami Beach FL
Absolute $749,000 56ft 2014 Stuart FL
Aicon $1,980,000 85ft 2006 Fort Lauderdale FL
Aicon $2,200,000 86ft 2015 Bayshore Drive FL Under Contract
Aicon $750,000 64ft 2005 Miami FL
Albemarle $119,900 31ft 2004 Atlantic Beach NC
Albemarle $120,000 27ft 1997 Beaufort NC
Main Profile Albemarle $129,900 31ft 2005 Jacksonville FL
Albemarle $258,992 30ft 2020 Bradenton FL
Albemarle $325,000 41ft 2004 West Islip NY
Albemarle $349,900 41ft 2007 North Falmouth MA Under Contract
Albemarle $44,500 28ft 1995 Stevensville MD
Albemarle $445,000 30ft 2019 Key West FL
Albemarle $450,000 41ft 2006 Port Canaveral FL
Albemarle $48,000 28ft 2003 Wanchese NC
Albemarle $48,900 24ft 2006 Fort Lauderdale FL
Albemarle $49,900 24ft 2006 Hampton VA Under Contract
1999 Albemarle 32 Express Bad Boyz Albemarle $74,900 32ft 1999 Dickinson TX
Albemarle $87,900 28ft 2003 Ocean City MD
Albin $119,000 32ft 2001 Punta Gorda FL
Albin $159,000 36ft 1999 Seattle WA Under Contract

Pursuit Outboard Boats for Sale in Florida

2021 Pursuit 355 OS Listed for Sale

Whether you're interested in how to sell a Pursuit outboard yacht in Florida or are looking to buy a used boat, you should make Flagler Yachts your first stop. Our Pursuit yacht brokers have the industry knowledge and experience to help you sell or purchase your next vessel. We'll assist you every step of the way as you browse our selection of outboard boats. Explore our current Pursuit yacht listings and check back regularly for the most up-to-date market reports.

Buy and Sell Used Outboard Boats in FL

If you're looking for a multifaceted boat you can take on the water any day, an outboard yacht is a great choice. Outboard boats are popular for diving, fishing or just enjoying a cruise on the ocean. The outboard motor creates extra interior space for friends, fishing equipment and anything else you want! Outboard yachts are available in multiple power options, including center, cuddy and dual consoles. Each of these styles provides you with excellent control and maneuverability.

Outboard boats are versatile vessels that can satisfy any owner. Look through our selection of used Pursuit outboard yachts for sale in Florida to find the right one for you.

Pursuit Boats for Sale in Florida

Pursuit Boats is a subsidiary of Malibu Boats, a luxury yacht manufacturer with nearly 40 years of experience. In 1977, S2 Yachts introduced the Pursuit series, a collection of high-performance outboard yachts. In 2018, they sold the yacht line to Malibu Boats.

Pursuit boats for sale currently come in five models: center console, dual console, offshore, sport and sport coupe. Our selection at Flagler Yachts represents many of these styles. Whatever your preference, we'll help you find the best fit for your seafaring needs.

Used Pursuit yachts in Florida are perfect for fishing, cruising and numerous other on-the-water activities. These outboard boats come in a range of sizes from 30 to 40 feet. Pursuit prides itself on high-quality, handcrafted products.

Pursuit Yacht Brokerage in Florida

Flagler Yachts is an expert in buying, trading and selling Pursuit onboard yachts in Florida. Our licensed brokers are available to assist you throughout the process of marine vessel acquisition.

If you want to know how to sell your Pursuit boat in Florida, we'll help you price, market and promote your yacht with ease. Use our up-to-date MLS system to reach potential buyers. Our experts have a passion for boats and extensive knowledge of the marine vessel market. When you're ready to sell, you can contact us for committed support.

If you're in the market to buy a used Pursuit yacht, browse our current listings to see what's available and return often to check what we've added. At Flagler Yachts, we want to make the purchasing process as simple as possible for our clients. We make it easy to do the research and find the right fit for your boating lifestyle. Save time and get the most for your money when you work with us.

Buy or Sell Used Pursuit Outboard Boats at Flagler Yachts

Whether you're buying, trading or putting your used Pursuit boat up for sale, Flagler Yachts is here to help. Fill out a form to buy an outboard yacht or sell used today.

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Image Make Price Length Year Location
Pursuit $369,000 32ft 2021 Boynton Beach FL
Pursuit $499,000 37.92ft 2018 Vero Beach FL
Pursuit $645,000 37.92ft 2021 Clearwater FL
Pursuit $1,045,000 43.75ft 2022 Lighthouse Point FL
Pursuit $105,988 28ft 2004 Pine Island FL
Pursuit $545,000 34.5ft 2022 Fort Lauderdale FL
Pursuit $629,000 37.33ft 2022 Sarasota FL
Pursuit $389,000 41.17ft 2015 Boca Raton FL
Pursuit $539,900 37.92ft 2020 Saint Augustine FL
Pursuit $390,000 34.5ft 2021 Fort Lauderdale FL
Pursuit $147,900 34.42ft 2006 Jacksonville Beach FL
Pursuit $814,000 40.42ft 2022 Marco Island FL
Pursuit $290,000 30ft 2022 Sarasota FL
Pursuit $395,995 32ft 2020 Tampa FL
Pursuit $159,999 25.83ft 2015 Miami FL
Pursuit $179,000 27.33ft 2019 Lake Worth FL
Pursuit $399,000 41.17ft 2018 Miami FL
Pursuit $204,900 31.17ft 2015 Fort Myers FL
Pursuit $279,000 36.33ft 2011 Saint James City FL
Pursuit $127,500 36.33ft 1998 Jacksonville FL
Pursuit $569,000 42.83ft 2017 Clearwater FL
Pursuit $565,000 39.42ft 2016 Boynton Beach FL
Profile Pursuit $529,000 37.92ft 2019 Bradenton FL
Pursuit $399,000 34.5ft 2019 Saint Pete Beach FL
Pursuit $489,900 36.42ft 2019 Riviera Beach FL
Pursuit $325,000 37.92ft 2016 Miami FL
Pursuit 36 DC365 - The Bear - Profile Pursuit $549,000 36ft 2019 Destin FL
Pursuit $625,000 42.83ft 2017 Jupiter FL
Pursuit $375,000 34ft 2020 Hollywood FL
Pursuit $419,900 32ft 2022 Naples FL
Pursuit 38 Nauti Buoy II - Exterior Pursuit $520,000 39.42ft 2014 Lighthouse Point FL
Pursuit $749,000 39.17ft 2020 Destin FL
Pursuit $699,000 37.92ft 2022 Fort Lauderdale FL
Pursuit $322,000 34.5ft 2018 Miami FL
Pursuit $554,500 37.92ft 2021 Jupiter FL
Pursuit $134,000 31.17ft 2010 Naples FL
Pursuit $539,000 37.92ft 2021 Fort Lauderdale FL
Pursuit $199,000 28ft 2018 Cape Coral FL
Pursuit $324,900 34.5ft 2017 Cape Coral FL
Pursuit $239,700 30ft 2019 Jacksonville FL
Pursuit $549,000 42.83ft 2017 Fort Lauderdale FL
Pursuit $1,029,000 42ft 2022 Fort Lauderdale FL
Pursuit $999,000 43.75ft 2021 Fort Lauderdale FL
Pursuit $124,500 25.83ft 2013 Sunny Isles Beach FL
Pursuit $849,900 40ft 2022 Stuart FL
Pursuit $345,000 41.17ft 2013 Coral Gables FL
Pursuit $409,900 32ft 2021 Cape Coral FL
Pursuit $539,000 40ft 2017 Fort Lauderdale FL
Pursuit $160,000 28ft 2014 Coral Gables FL
Pursuit $360,900 37.83ft 2016 Stuart FL
Pursuit 36 STACK EM UP - Port Profile On Water Pursuit $549,000 36ft 2021 Jupiter FL
Pursuit $1,249,000 43.75ft 2021 Coral Gables FL
Pursuit $279,900 2015 Fort Myers FL
Pursuit $499,999 37.92ft 2018 Fort Lauderdale FL
Pursuit $124,900 25.83ft 2013 Golden Beach FL
Pursuit $559,000 36.75ft 2019 Pompano Beach FL
Pursuit $535,000 37.92ft 2018 North Palm Beach FL
Pursuit $339,000 34ft 2018 Fort Myers FL
Pursuit $179,500 31.5ft 2012 Morehead City NC
Pursuit $455,000 34ft 2021 Wilmington NC
Pursuit $150,000 34.42ft 2005 Hampstead NC
Pursuit $375,000 41.17ft 2016 Carolina Beach NC
Pursuit $369,000 34.5ft 2021 Folly Beach SC
Pursuit $299,000 34.5ft 2017 Charleston SC
Pursuit $429,990 37.92ft 2017 Buford GA
Pursuit $369,000 34.5ft 2019 Hilton Head Island SC
Pursuit $148,900 34.42ft 2006 Charleston SC
Pursuit $174,990 25.83ft 2018 Charleston SC
Pursuit $319,000 34.5ft 2016 Charleston SC
Pursuit $579,000 37.92ft 2020 Charleston SC
Pursuit $59,900 26ft 2003 Quincy MA
Pursuit $245,000 27ft 2021 Portland ME
Pursuit $179,000 26ft 2019 Old Saybrook CT
Pursuit $55,000 28ft 1999 Punta Gorda FL
Pursuit $169,000 28ft 2015 Boca Raton FL
2005 Pursuit 2670 Denali LS - Profile Pursuit $92,000 26ft 2005 Ft Myers FL
Pursuit $54,999 28ft 2003 Lantana FL
Pursuit $189,000 31ft 2013 Portsmouth RI
Main Profile Pursuit $40,000 31ft 1995 Pompano Beach FL
30' Pursuit starboard aft profile1 Pursuit $59,000 30ft 2000 Sparrows Point MD
2001 Pursuit 3000 Express Pursuit $45,000 30ft 2001 New Orleans LA
2006 Pursuit 345 Drummond Island - Profile Pursuit $147,900 34ft 2006 Jacksonville FL
Pursuit $339,000 32ft 2016 Westerly RI
2019 Pursuit S328- Profile Pursuit $399,000 34ft 2019 St. Pete Beach FL
Pursuit $89,000 31ft 2004 Pompano Beach FL
Pursuit $449,000 32ft 2021 Stevensville MD
Pursuit $110,000 33ft 2005 Greenport NY
Pursuit $95,000 33ft 2004 St. Petersburg FL
2013 Pursuit 345 Offshore Lets Go II Pursuit $285,000 34ft 2013 Freeport TX
Pursuit $279,000 36ft 2011 St. James City FL
Pursuit $295,000 35ft 2015 Longboat Key FL
Pursuit $299,000 36ft 2011 Mahone Bay Nova Scotia
Pursuit 36-Profile Pursuit $549,000 36ft 2018 North Palm Beach FL
Pursuit $569,000 35ft 2020 Huntington NY
Pursuit 36 B Team - Exterior Profile shot on water Pursuit $699,000 36ft 2022 Ft Lauderdale FL
Pursuit $554,500 35ft 2021 Tequesta FL
Pursuit $365,000 38ft 2013 Pass Christian MS
Pursuit $565,000 39ft 2016 Boynton Beach FL
Pursuit $440,000 38ft 2014 FL
Pursuit $475,000 38ft 2015 Virginia Beach VA
Pursuit $565,000 40ft 2017 Punta Gorda FL
2018 PURSUIT 365i Pursuit $399,000 36ft 2018 Miami FL
Pursuit $349,000 35ft 2016 Miami FL
Pursuit $389,000 32ft 2021 Boynton Beach FL
Pursuit $319,000 28ft 2022 Sarasota FL
Pursuit $1,099,000 42ft 2021 Fort Lauderdale FL
Pursuit $615,000 40ft 2017 Fort Lauderdale FL
Pursuit $589,000 40ft 2017 Fort Lauderdale FL
Pursuit 36 STACK EM UP - Port Profile On Water Pursuit $639,000 36ft 2021 Jupiter FL
Pursuit 38 Nauti Buoy II  - Exterior port profile on water Pursuit $410,000 38ft 2014 Lighthouse Point FL
Pursuit $625,000 40ft 2017 Jupiter FL

34 Pursuit Boats Offshore - SOLD!

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