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Image Make Price Length Year Location
$1,899,000 84ft 2006 Fort Myers FL
2017 Barker Boatworks 400 FS7 - Profile 7oceans $359,000 40ft 2017 Bradenton FL
AB $18,995,000 120ft 2023 Miami FL
AB $7,995,000 116ft 2012 Ft. Lauderdale FL
AB Inflatables $43,547 24ft 2014 Chester Nova Scotia Under Contract
AB Yachts $1,999,000 92ft 2008 Miami Beach FL
Abeking & Rasmussen $3,495,000 139ft 2008 Fort Lauderdale FL
Abeking & Rasmussen $3,495,000 139ft 2008 FORT LAUDERDALE FL
Able $295,000 42ft 1990 Mystic CT
MERLIN Able $495,000 44ft 1995 Portsmouth RI
Ablemarle $199,992 27ft 2020 Bradenton FL
Ablemarle $85,000 28ft 1998 Huntington Beach CA
Absolute $1,060,000 50ft 2019 Manhattan NY
Absolute $1,249,000 58ft 2018 Delray Beach FL
Absolute $1,249,000 50ft 2020 Fort Lauderdale FL
Absolute $1,295,000 48ft 2022 Coral Gables FL
Absolute $1,484,000 50ft 2022 Barrington RI
Absolute $1,495,000 58ft 2019 Stuart FL
Absolute $1,549,000 60ft 2018 Venice FL
Absolute $1,559,995 58ft 2020 Fort Lauderdale FL
Absolute $1,589,000 52ft 2021 Fort Lauderdale FL
Absolute $1,899,000 52ft 2023 Jacksonville FL
Absolute $1,995,000 62ft 2021 Fort Lauderdale FL
Absolute $1,995,000 52ft 2023 Staten Island NY
Absolute $2,099,000 62ft 2022 Staten Island NY
Absolute $2,190,000 62ft 2020 Aventura FL
Absolute $2,375,000 52ft 2023 Fort Lauderdale FL
Absolute $395,000 40ft 2015 Miami Beach FL
Absolute $419,000 40ft 2019 Boca Raton FL
Absolute $4,200,000 64ft 2023 Miami FL

Used Bertram Yachts for Sale Bertram Logo Picture

Bertram Sportfish Yachts for Sale in Florida

At Flagler Yachts, we are a company of experienced Bertram yacht brokers in Florida. Whether you're interested in selling your Bertram sportfish yacht or want to buy used, we have the expertise and support to help you find just what you're looking for. Our selection of used Bertram boats for sale includes a range of models and prices. Browse our listings today to find the right sportfish model for you.

Buying and Selling Bertram Sportfish Yachts in Florida

Sportfish yachts are high-power boats designed for serious fishing. They are the popular choice for anglers for reaching fishing spots in deep waters. Sportfish yachts vary in size and style but are typically large and built to withstand conditions on the open sea. These boats often come with professional-level fishing features such as large tackle stations, extensive storage and wells for live bait.

Whether you're tournament fishing or looking to cruise around the ocean, these sportfish yachts have the components you need to fully enjoy the trip. They come in various designs and power options perfect for long trips and deep seas. Explore our selection of used Bertram sportfish yachts for sale in Florida to find the right vessel for you.

Bertram Boats for Sale in Florida

Bertram is a leading creator of sportfish yachts. Since 1960, Bertram has designed and manufactured a series of sportfish models. Known for their unique deep-V hull, Bertram boats are built to weather rough waters and other harsh deep-sea conditions. As capable sportfish yachts, Bertram models also have speed and storage features to make the most out of any trip.

In our experience, these yachts exhibit excellent control and effortless performance whether you're out cruising or tournament fishing. With high-quality materials and a strong reputation, Bertram is a trusted sportfish manufacturer. We currently have several used Bertram yachts for sale at Flagler. You can check out our listings for our available options.

Bertram Yacht Brokerage in Florida

Whether you're looking to buy or sell Bertram boats, Flagler is a Bertram yacht brokerage company in Florida that will save you time and money. By taking advantage of our industry knowledge, you can rest assured that we understand the current market for both buyers and sellers.

If you plan to buy a used Bertram yacht in Florida, we invite you to check out our selection of available boats. You can find detailed specs for each boat on its individual listing. Purchasing a sportfish yacht is a major and exciting undertaking. At Flagler, we are eager to assist you throughout the process with our expertise, attention to detail and professional discretion.

If you are selling a Bertram sportfish yacht, we know that's an equally important decision! When you list your boat with Flagler, our personalized support services and experienced brokers will help you connect with potential buyers. We'll create a full-service marketing plan to sell your Bertram yacht quickly.

Buy or Sell With Flagler Today

If you're interested in learning how to buy or sell a Bertram sportfish yacht in Florida, contact us today. Fill out a form to sell or purchase a yacht and we can help you navigate the marine vessel market!

Popular Bertram Yacht Models

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Image Make Price Length Year Location
Bertram $899,000 57ft 2007 Newport Beach CA
Bertram $1,450,000 60ft 2012 Hilton Head SC
2008 Bertram 63 EB - VALKYRIE Bertram $1,399,000 63ft 2008 Newport Beach CA
Bertram $1,149,000 67ft 2004 Gulfport MS
DJI_0914 Bertram $495,000 74ft 1971 Marina del Rey CA
1987 37 Bertram 37 Convertible RIDGEBACK Profile Bertram $109,999 37.75ft 1987 Pensacola FL
Bertram $869,999 40.25ft 2022 Vero Beach FL
Bertram $550,000 60ft 1998 Coral Gables FL
Bertram $117,500 43ft 1988 Fort Lauderdale FL
Bertram $145,000 46.5ft 1986 Miami FL
Bertram $1,449,000 66.75ft 2012 Miami FL
Bertram $119,000 42.5ft 1976 Palm Beach Gardens FL
Starboard Main Bertram $299,000 41.17ft 1965 Stuart FL
Bertram $119,950 31ft 1967 Saint Petersburg FL
Bertram $1,200,000 63ft 2007 Coral Gables FL
Bertram $475,000 54ft 1989 Key Biscayne FL
Bertram $350,000 45.25ft 2005 Pensacola FL
Bertram 60 - Profile Bertram $595,000 60ft 2004 West Palm Beach FL
Bertram $299,999 28ft 2023 Clearwater FL
Bertram $2,999,999 51.5ft 2022 Miami FL
510 Bertram 51-68 Bertram $729,900 54.83ft 2007 Miami FL
Bertram $449,000 48.25ft 2008 Miami FL
Bertram $399,000 60ft 1997 Fort Lauderdale FL
Bertram $3,249,000 74ft 2014 West Palm Beach FL
Bertram $224,900 46ft 1983 Fort Lauderdale FL
Bertram $290,000 54ft 1985 Coral Gables FL
Bertram $224,990 31ft 1974 West Palm Beach FL
Bertram $299,900 54ft 1981 Dania Beach FL
Bertram $1,899,000 70ft 2009 Dania Beach FL
Bertram $184,000 31ft 1970 Saint Augustine Beach FL
Bertram $1,229,000 66.75ft 2009 Miami FL
Bertram $199,900 30.58ft 1964 Miami FL
Bertram $569,000 35ft 2017 Manteo NC
Bertram $499,000 60ft 1994 Wilmington NC
Bertram $49,995 25ft 1964 Naples FL
Bertram $125,000 25ft 1976 New Orleans LA
Bertram $140,000 25ft 1969 Pompano Beach FL
Bertram $49,000 28ft 1986 Sodus Point NY
Bertram $85,000 30ft 1994 Raynham MA
Bertram $59,900 30ft 1994 Beaufort NC
LITTLE EVA_Dockside Port Bertram $139,900 31ft 1975 Newburyport MA
Bertram $69,900 31ft 1965 Falmouth MA
Bertram $119,950 31ft 1967 St. Petersburg FL
Bertram $92,000 31ft 1971 Jupiter FL
Bertram $184,000 31ft 1970 St. Augustine Beach FL
Bertram $66,500 33ft 1990 St. Simons Island GA
Bertram $43,900 33ft 1989 Port Monmouth NJ
Bertram $49,900 33ft 1988 Saint Petersburg FL
Bertram $45,000 33ft 1980 Annapolis MD
Bertram $99,900 33ft 1987 Bourne MA
Bertram $49,000 34ft 1982 Annapolis MD
Bertram $670,000 35ft 2018 Fort Lauderdale FL
Bertram $83,000 37ft 1990 Shalimar FL
Bertram $99,000 37ft 1988 Newburyport MA
Bertram $44,950 38ft 1982 Redington Shores FL
Bertram $225,000 39ft 2001 Bay Shore NY
Bertram $225,000 39ft 2001 Bay Shore NY
Bertram $899,900 39ft 2022 Westerly RI
Profile Bertram $295,000 36ft 2007 Portsmouth RI
1981 Bertram 42 Convertible Balls To The Wall Profile Bertram $300,000 42ft 1981 Venice LA
1993 Bertram 46 Moppie Lady Dianna Bertram $299,000 46ft 1993 Port O'Connor TX
Bertram $145,000 46ft 1986 Miami FL
Bertram $88,500 46ft 1973 New Bedford MA
Bertram $95,000 46ft 1979 Sanford FL
Bertram $389,500 51ft 2001 Palm Beach Shores FL
Bertram $215,000 54ft 1985 Tarpon Springs FL
Bertram $399,900 54ft 1987 Freeport NY
Bertram $299,900 54ft 1981 Dania Beach, Florida FL
1987 54 Bertram Convertible Fins Up Port Side Bertram $250,000 54ft 1987 Orange Beach AL
Bertram $69,500 42ft 1984 Jupiter FL
Bertram $149,000 50ft 1988 Galveston TX
Bertram $399,000 54ft 1987 Freeport NY
Bertram $499,000 60ft 1994 Wilmington NC
Bertram $225,000 31ft 1974 West Palm Beach FL
1987 37 Bertram 37 Convertible RIDGEBACK Profile (12) Bertram $109,999 37ft 1987 Pensacola FL
Starboard Main Bertram $299,000 38ft 1965 Stuart FL
Main Profile Bertram $350,000 45ft 2005 Pensacola FL
1983 Bertram 46 Convertible Bertram $224,900 46ft 1983 Fort Lauderdale FL
Bertram $2,999,999 50ft 2022 Miami FL
Bertram $420,000 60ft 1997 Fort Lauderdale FL
Bertram $1,200,000 63ft 2007 Coral Gables FL
Bertram $3,249,000 70ft 2014 West Palm Beach FL
Bertram 60 - Profile Bertram $595,000 60ft 2004 West Palm Beach FL
Bertram $234,432 39ft 2000 Jupiter FL
2003 67 Bertram Convertible Brittany Jean Profile Bertram $929,000 67ft 2003 Destin FL

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