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Image Make Price Length Year Location
AB $14,000,000 116ft 2012 Miami FL
Profile AC Mcleod $499,900 79ft 1982 Haverstraw NY
Aicon $349,000 56ft 2004 Coral Gables FL
Alaskan $1,995,000 76ft 2008 Seattle WA
Alaskan $3,588,000 88ft 2007 Edmonton Alberta
Albemarle $124,900 31ft 2005 Jacksonville FL
2006 Albemarle 32 Express - Freedom Albemarle $149,000 32ft 2006 St. Petersburg FL
Albemarle $149,900 32ft 2004 Atlantic Beach NC
Albemarle $275,000 28ft 2016 Charleston SC
Albemarle $98,500 32ft 2002 Beaufort NC Under Contract
32 2001 Albemarle Profile Albemarle $99,500 32ft 2001 Key Largo FL
Albin $155,000 36ft 2001 Punta Gorda FL
Cara Lynn Alden $199,000 46ft 1988 Anapolis MD
Alliaura Marine $140,000 39ft 1992 Patchogue NY
Altima $479,900 55ft 2004 New Smyrna Beach FL
American Tug $1,250,000 48ft 2021 Punta Gorda FL
American Tug $379,000 41ft 2005 LaSalle Ontario
American Tug $455,000 36ft 2021 Punta Gorda FL
American Tug $499,000 41ft 2007 FL
American Tug $675,000 39ft 2021 Punta Gorda FL
American Tug $885,000 43ft 2021 Punta Gorda FL
Angel $250,000 55ft 1986 Key West FL
Antago $995,000 110ft 1998 Ft Lauderdale FL
Antigua $139,995 49ft 1987 Punta Gorda FL
Antique $115,000 27ft 2001 Claytin NY
Antique $175,000 29ft 2006 clayton NY
Antique $275,000 34ft 2002 Clayton NY
Antique $400,000 30ft 2008 Clayton NY
Apache $89,995 36ft 1996 Ft Lauderdale FL
Aquarius $142,900 41ft 1988 Annapolis MD

Used Sportfish for Sale in Florida

Purchasing your first sportfish yacht or upgrading to a newer model should be an exciting experience. In some cases, selecting a used fishing boat can be overwhelming with multiple manufacturers to choose from, but Flagler Yachts in Jupiter, FL, assists buyers with personalized services. Together, we can discover a used sportfish boat suitable for your lifestyle and expectations on the water.

We encourage our customers to use our online search functions to narrow down and filter results. You can gain access to reliable sport fishing yachts for sale with specifications for boat size, production year and price point to match your budget. Flagler Yachts connects you to used sportfish models from leading names, including:

Used Fishing Boats for Sale

What are sportfishing yachts? A sportfish yacht is a type of power boat designed for fishing in comfort and style. These models have a larger cockpit for all types of fishing (trolling and live-baiting to name a couple) and plenty of storage for rods, bait and tackle for longer trips.

Sportfish yachts are designed to travel through rough ocean waters at a faster pace than their motor yacht counterparts. Common design layouts can include convertible, enclosed bridge and towers to help owners easily spot fish and assess conditions at sea. Purchasing a sportfish boat from Flagler Yachts is ideal for owners looking for superior performance, fish-ability, control and top speeds.

Used Sport Fishing Yachts at Flagler Yachts

Flagler Yachts is a team of knowledgeable brokers dedicated to connecting our customers to dependable fishing vessels. We provide the tools you need to make an informed purchase, even before scheduling a tour. Using our online search functions, you can gain access to our selection of used fishing yachts with the following information alongside each listing:

  • Brief Description: All of our fishing boats and yachts showcase a short history mentioning any upgrades from previous owners and included features, if applicable. Discover if a sportfish model has the features or equipment you are looking for by reading through our MLS listings.
  • General Information: Find out the name, manufacturer, model and year of our sportfish yachts.
  • Accommodations: Brokers at Flagler Yachts list the number of staterooms, heads and crew space available in each fishing boat.
  • Engine Specifications: We provide information regarding the number of hours on a model's engine, rebuilds, and horsepower capabilities.
  • Yacht Dimensions: Most listings include brokers recorded measurements of LOA, beams, drafts and displacement although our brokers can find out more specific.
  • Tankage: Find out your nautical range and how much fuel and water a sportfish yacht can store by reviewing boat information and specifications.

Brokers at Flagler Yachts save you hours by conducting market research on used sport fishing boats. Our experts have a strong understanding of makes and models by industry-leading yacht manufacturers to present you with boats suitable for your applications. We are willing to work with our network of sellers to negotiate prices for your next investment.

Find Used Sportfish Boats for Sale in Florida

Flagler Yachts wants to make the purchasing process of a used sport fishing boat as smooth as possible. By speaking to one of our brokers, we can answer inquiries about current listings and schedule you an in-person tour with any of our MLS listed sportfish yachts. Our main office is located in Jupiter, FL, just off of US1, so feel free to stop by for a look at our selection.

For more information about used sportfish boats for sale, contact Flagler Yachts today.


Select Convertible & Express Fishing Boats

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Search Our Used Sport Fishing Yachts Selection by Brand:

Used Yachts Selection from Viking, Hatteras, Rybovich & Bertram

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Image Make Price Length Year Location
profile-bikini-bottom Viking $879,000 37ft 2018 Morehead City NC
Viking $850,000 37ft 2018 Staten Island NY
Profile Viking $850,000 42ft 2015 Palm Beach FL
Viking $124,500 44ft 1986 Port Charlotte FL
Viking $115,000 45ft 1990 Dulac LA
Viking $315,000 47ft 2000 Westport CT
Viking $199,900 47ft 1998 FL
Viking $360,000 48ft 2003 Coral Gables FL
Viking $149,000 48ft 1988 Miami FL
Viking $135,900 48ft 1989 Sarasota FL
2017 48 Viking Convertible - Profile Viking $1,800,000 48ft 2017 Ojai CA
Viking $715,000 48ft 2006 Palm Beach FL
Viking $249,000 50ft 2002 Fort Lauderdale FL
Tiger Six Viking $440,000 50ft 2001 Jupiter FL
Viking 50 Convertible 2001 Groove Dog Viking $362,500 50ft 2001 Freeport TX
Viking $385,000 50ft 1997 Dania Beach FL
Main Profile Viking $185,000 50ft 1993 Cape May NJ
Port Side Viking $824,900 52ft 2009 Freeport NY
Viking $1,688,000 52ft 2016 Palm Beach FL
2015 Viking 52 Open IYBA Viking $1,595,000 52ft 2015 Destin FL
Viking $1,125,000 52ft 2012 Fort Lauderdale FL
Port Profile Viking $695,000 52ft 2003 Fort Lauderdale FL
Viking $1,495,000 52ft 2007 Freeport TX
Viking $175,000 53ft 1990 Annapolis MD
Inspiration Viking $349,999 54ft 1995 Warwick RI
Viking $189,000 55ft 1987 Fort Lauderdale FL
Profile Viking $589,000 55ft 2001 Vero Beach FL
Waugh Viking $599,000 55ft 2000 Newport RI
Profile Viking $569,000 55ft 2000 Ft Lauderdale FL
56 Viking Convertible - Twisted Bills Viking $1,150,000 56ft 2004 Sarasota FL
Viking $350,000 57ft 1989 Islip NY
2000 58 Viking Convertible Viking $485,000 58ft 2000 Orange Beach AL
TROPICAL CHILL Viking $599,000 58ft 1996 North Palm Beach FL
Port Profile Viking $399,000 58ft 1995 Coral Gables FL
Viking $850,000 61ft 2002 Lighthouse Point FL
Viking $799,000 61ft 2002 Fort Lauderdale FL Under Contract
Viking $850,000 61ft 2003 Clearwater FL
Viking $849,000 61ft 2004 Palm City FL
Viking $975,000 61ft 2003 Hampton VA
Viking $2,499,000 64ft 2008 West Palm Beach FL
Viking $2,199,000 64ft 2009 North Miami FL
Viking $3,295,000 66ft 2014 Fort Lauderdale FL
Viking $949,000 61ft 2005 North Palm Beach FL
2004 65 Viking Flybridge Viking $1,250,000 65ft 2004 Sandestin FL
2014 66 Viking Profile Viking $3,400,000 66ft 2014 destin FL
2013 Viking 66 Convertible Slight Edge Viking $2,390,000 66ft 2013 Palm Beach FL
Viking $2,415,000 68ft 2008 Palm Beach FL
72' Viking Cruiser Viking $1,195,000 72ft 1999 Fort Lauderdale FL
Viking $4,395,000 70ft 2015 Brielle NJ
Viking $449,000 70ft 1988 Fort Lauderdale FL
Viking $849,000 70ft 2005 Port Washington NY
Viking $6,159,000 72ft 2020 Jupiter FL
2017 72 EB Viking SHARE-E Profile Viking $5,395,000 72ft 2017 Anna Maria FL
1998 72 Viking Enclosed Bridge Crown Royal Profile Viking $1,595,000 72ft 1998 Orange Beach AL
FREE SPOOL Viking $6,399,000 72ft 2019 Fort Pierce FL
Viking $648,500 72ft 1997 Stuart FL
Viking $3,200,000 74ft 2009 Wilmington NC
74 Viking Viking $1,750,000 74ft 2007 FL
Viking $4,899,000 76ft 2014 Fort Lauderdale FL
Viking $3,995,000 76ft 2012 Palm Beach FL
RITE ANGLER Viking $3,750,000 82ft 2010 Stuart FL
No Name 82 Viking $4,295,000 82ft 2013 Miami FL
Viking 82CPMY Make It Happen Profile Viking $6,175,000 82ft 2019 Sanibel FL
Viking $6,900,000 92ft 2016 Boca Raton FL
Viking $850,000 37.67ft 2018 Charleston SC
Viking $329,000 43ft 2001 Hilton Head SC
Viking $330,000 58ft 1998 North Myrtle Beach SC
Image Make Price Length Year Location
Hatteras $129,900 38ft 1971 Okeechobee FL Under Contract
Main Profile Hatteras $159,000 37ft 1981 Vero Beach FL
Hatteras $90,000 38ft 1988 Port Canaveral FL
Profile Hatteras $139,000 42ft 1977 Islamorada FL
Hatteras $235,000 40ft 2005 Stuart FL
Main Profile Hatteras $114,900 41ft 1989 Bridgeport CT
Hatteras $118,500 41ft 1986 Orange Beach AL
Hatteras $159,999 42ft 1995 Madisonville LA
Hatteras $79,900 43ft 1979 Warwick RI
Hatteras $1,595,500 45ft 2018 Orange Beach AL Under Contract
Hatteras $1,349,550 45ft 2017 Orange Beach AL Under Contract
Hatteras $149,000 46ft 1992 Marathon FL
Hatteras $229,000 46ft 1978 Cape Coral FL
Side Profile Hatteras $239,900 52ft 1990 Orange Beach AL
Hatteras $169,000 50ft 1982 Orange Beach AL
Hatteras $399,000 50ft 2000 Key Colony FL
Hatteras $204,400 50ft 1993 Ocean City MD
Main Photo Hatteras $189,900 52ft 1985 Fort Pierce FL
Hatteras $325,000 52ft 1999 Stuart FL
Hatteras $675,000 54ft 2004 Miami FL
Hatteras $450,000 53ft 1972 Orange Beach AL
Hatteras $139,000 53ft 1978 Panama City Beach FL
Hatteras $130,000 53ft 1973 Marathon FL
Hatteras $179,900 53ft 1983 Palmetto FL
Hatteras $235,000 53ft 1979 New Orleans LA
LOTUS Stern Profile Hatteras $329,000 53ft 1984 League City TX
Hatteras $199,000 53ft 1979 Jupiter FL
Hatteras $199,000 53ft 1987 Harrison Township MI
Great Expectations Hatteras $239,000 54ft 1986 Palm Beach Gardens FL
Hatteras $229,000 55ft 1988 Pompano Beach FL
Main Profile Hatteras $139,900 58ft 1973 Stuart FL
Hatteras $99,000 58ft 1977 FL
Hatteras $100,000 58ft 1974 Slidell LA
Hatteras $254,000 58ft 1979 Key west FL
Hatteras $350,000 57ft 1978 Seattle WA
Hatteras $675,000 60ft 2002 FL
Hatteras $1,359,000 60ft 2009
Hatteras $535,000 60ft 1999 Jacksonville FL
Hatteras $2,990,000 60ft 2019 Aventura FL
Hatteras $799,000 60ft 2001 Boca Raton FL
Main Profile Hatteras $299,000 60ft 1970 Stuart FL
Main Profile Hatteras $2,200,000 60ft 2013 West Palm Beach FL
Hatteras $385,000 65ft 1997 Fort Lauderdale FL
Hatteras $345,000 63ft 1987 Pensacola FL
Main Hatteras $2,995,000 63ft 2018 Fort Lauderdale FL
Hatteras $1,259,000 64ft 2006 Key West FL
Hatteras $949,000 64ft 2006 Marina Del Rey CA
Profile Hatteras $299,000 67ft 1988 Saint Petersburg FL
Hatteras $1,994,000 68ft 2008 FL
Hatteras $319,000 68ft 1989 New Smyrna FL
Hatteras $299,900 70ft 1991 Gloucester MA
Hatteras $845,000 70ft 2000 Miami Beach FL
Hatteras $4,249,000 70ft 2017 Panama City FL
Hatteras $4,489,000 70ft 2017 Destin FL
Hatteras $699,000 70ft 1999 Gloucester MA
Hatteras $375,000 70ft 1981 Fort Lauderdale FL
Hatteras $994,900 70ft 1997 Lighthouse Point FL
Profile Hatteras $994,000 75ft 2000 Ft. Lauderdale FL
Hatteras $2,249,000 72ft 2008 Ft. Lauderdale FL
Hatteras $1,495,000 74ft 1998 Miami Beach FL
Hatteras $849,000 74ft 1998 Miami FL
Hatteras $824,900 74ft 1998 Jacksonville Beach FL
Hatteras $1,350,000 75ft 2002 Key Largo FL
Hatteras $3,295,000 80ft 2008 Key Largo FL
Hatteras 80 MY Hatteras $2,300,000 80ft 2005 Miami FL
Hatteras $2,000,000 80ft 2004 Sunny Isles FL
Hatteras $2,025,000 80ft 2006 Miami FL
Hatteras $3,690,000 80ft 2012 Fort Lauderdale FL
Profile at Anchor Hatteras $3,495,000 80ft 2013 Fort Lauderdale FL
Hatteras Motor Yacht 1985 Papillon Hatteras $699,900 82ft 1985 Seabrook TX
Hatteras $7,995,000 100ft 2016 FT. LAUDERDALE FL
Hatteras $2,799,000 100ft 2003 Fort Lauderdale FL
Hatteras $3,589,000 100ft 2005 Fort Lauderdale FL
Profile Hatteras $179,900 58.25ft 1977 Charleston SC
Hatteras $595,000 78ft 1989 Charleston SC
Hatteras $235,000 58ft 1976 Charleston SC
Hatteras $325,000 52ft 1987 Georgetown SC
Hatteras $143,000 53.08ft 1978 Chattanooga TN
Port Aft Profile Hatteras $109,000 43ft 1977 Pawleys Island SC
Hatteras $239,000 54.75ft 1987 Charleston SC
Hatteras $135,000 53ft 1973 Little River SC
Hatteras $139,000 43ft 1979 Charleston SC
Hatteras $274,500 48ft 1976 Old Hickory TN
Image Make Price Length Year Location
Rybovich Custom Boat 1979 Ha'aviti Rybovich $109,000 33ft 1979 Kona HI
Rybovich $695,000 44ft 1990 Miami Beach FL
Image Make Price Length Year Location
Barnacle Bertram $85,000 25ft 1969 North Palm Beach FL
Bertram $109,000 28ft 1981 South Bristol ME
Bertram $89,500 31ft 1996 Fort Myers FL
Bertram $99,500 30ft 1994 Lantana FL
Bertram $134,500 31ft 1982 Ocean City MD
Bertram $225,000 31ft 1974 West Palm Beach FL
Bertram $299,000 31ft 1963 Palm Beach FL
1964 Bertram 32 Convertible - Profile Bertram $225,000 31ft 1964 Newport CA
Bertram $89,000 37ft 1987 Cedar Point NC
2001 39 Bertram 390 Convertible Salt Shaker Profile Bertram $299,900 39ft 2001 Pensacola Beach FL
Bertram $479,000 38ft 2013 Ft. Lauderdale FL
Missea Bertram $129,900 42ft 1985 Jacksonville FL
Bertram 43 Convertible Bertram $199,950 43ft 1989 St Petersburg FL
Bertram $109,000 43ft 1988 Fort Lauderdale FL
Main Profile Bertram $109,900 43ft 1988 Davie FL
Bertram $285,000 45ft 2005 Pensacola FL
Bertram $379,000 45ft 2001 Stuart FL
Cruising Bertram $79,000 46ft 1974 Stevensville MD
Cruisin Bertram $169,900 46ft 1983 Miami FL
Bertram $264,900 46ft 1982 Norwalk CT
1994 Bertram 46 Moppie - Teazzers Bertram $224,900 46ft 1994 Anna Maria FL
Bertram $75,000 46ft 1974 Ft Lauderdale FL
Bertram $139,000 46ft 2003 Ventura CA
Bertram $84,790 46ft 1983 New Orleans LA
Foxy Lady Bertram $329,000 50ft 1990 Miami FL
Profile Bertram $299,000 50ft 1995 Fort Lauderdale FL
Bertram $201,500 54ft 1982 Stuart FL
Bertram $219,000 54ft 1989 Coral Gables FL
2008 Bertram 51 Sportfish Profile Bertram $899,000 51ft 2008 Ocean City MD
Main Profile Bertram $514,500 51ft 2004 Huntington NY
Bertram $1,525,000 67ft 2005 Miami FL
2003 67 Bertram Convertible Brittany Jean Profile Bertram $929,000 67ft 2003 Destin FL
Bertram $3,300,000 80ft 2013 Palm Beach FL
1977 Bertram 80CPMY Profile Bertram $449,000 80ft 1977 Fort Myers FL


If you are thinking about selling (or trading) your sport fishing yacht, please allow us to show you our custom marketing plan. We will provide you with a market analysis of current boats for sale, sold boats similar to yours, and show you exactly how we will drive potential clients to your listing. Given the opportunity, we will prove to you how our print advertising (for select yachts) is simply better than the competition.
Did you know if you trade your boat or yacht for another one, running those transactions through our brokerage could save you thousands of dollars in Florida sales tax?
Click here to send us your vessel and contact information. Our sportfish brokers are passionate about this style of boat, speak with one today!
Please check back as the used sportfish for sale on our website change very often, as do the prices! Thank you for visiting our website.

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