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Used Hatteras Sportfish for Sale in FL

Whether you're looking for a used Hatteras motor yacht or sportfish yacht, we have the boat for you! Today, Hatteras builds a variety of ships, including express, fine convertible and motor yacht models. Reserve a private boat tour today with Flagler Yachts to preview your choice of Hatteras motor yacht or sportfish models. 

About Hatteras Yachts

Hatteras Yachts were designed to brave even the toughest waves off Cape Hatteras. For centuries, this section of the Atlantic Ocean has seen some of the most treacherous weather conditions. It was here that Willis Slane vowed to build a yacht that would thrive despite the harshest elements. Fifty years later, Hatteras Yachts remains the industry leader in the construction of fiberglass yachts. 

Hatteras sportfish and motor yachts come equipped with expansive decks, swim platforms, grand staircases and stunning windows and skylights. Hatteras Yachts is known for their innovative craftsmanship, impeccable quality and attention to detail. Hatteras built the first fiberglass yacht of over 40-feet, which helped pioneer the V-hull. 

Why Buy a Used Hatteras Sportfish for Sale?

Hatteras Yachts has designed both convex and modified-V hulls to provide the best of both designs. While flat-bottom hulls offer less resistance but pound in typical sea conditions, V-design hulls roll and incur high hull resistance. By providing the best of both designs, Hatteras hulls offer a soft, stable ride and sharp entry. Benefits of both used Hatteras motor yachts and sportfishing models include:

  • Increased system protection: Hatteras uses DC and AC magnetic circuit breakers. These are more reliable than thermal designs because they only respond to the amount of current flowing through the breaker.
  • High speeds: Hatteras Yachts can reach speeds of over 40 knots in the Express and GT series. 
  • Lightweight and durable: To maintain structural integrity and maximize performance, Hatteras uses the resin infusion process to maintain a consistent resin to fiberglass ratio. As a result, the fiberglass bottoms of these yachts are both lighter and sturdier. Today, Hatteras is one of the few yacht manufacturers worldwide that uses a solid fiberglass bottom. 
  • Quality rudders: Hatteras uses stainless-steel rudder tie rods that stand up to saltwater. 
  • Increased fuel efficiency and decreased load sensitivity: Hatteras incorporates propeller tunnels into the hull bottom design to aid in each yacht's efficiency and get to those beautiful spots in the Islands!

Browse Used Hatteras Motor Yachts for Sale in FL 

Hatteras Yachts manufactures both sportfish and motor yacht models. When searching for used Hatteras yachts for sale in Florida, you'll see convertible, enclosed bridge sportfish, raised pilot house motor yachts and flybridge motor yachts when using our MLS. At Flagler Yachts, we'd be happy to make searching for Hatteras motor yachts easier by sending you a custom report or search result. 

Our team of licensed brokers make it a priority to conduct thorough research on all boat models, so you won't have to. We want to save you time and money by previewing boats, negotiating with sellers to seal the best deal and scheduling viewings at your convenience. Please email our Hatteras yacht brokers using the form on this page for customized information or reach us by phone at 561-295-8880. 

    Popular Hatteras Yachts Models & Sizes

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    Hatteras Yachts is uniquely positioned in that it makes both motor yacht and sportfish models. This makes searching for them a little bit more challenging. Realize when searching for used Hatteras Yachts you will see convertible, enclosed bridge sportfish, flybridge motor yachts and raised pilot house motor yachts. If you would like us to send you a custom search result or report please email our Hatteras yacht brokers: Email Us

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    Hatteras$100,000341964Miami, US
    Main ProfileHatteras$177,000361969Atlantic Beach, US
    Main ProfileHatteras$159,000371981Vero Beach, US
    Hatteras$119,500401991Southport, US
    Hatteras$169,900411968Morehead City, US
    42 Hatteras LRC 1980Hatteras$103,500421980Southport, US
    Hatteras$174,000421985Fort Myers, US
    Stern ViewHatteras$125,000421976Stuart, US
    Hatteras$114,900421977Stuart, US
    Hatteras$103,000421977Cutler Bay, US
    Port Aft ProfileHatteras$109,000441977Pawleys Island, US
    ProfileHatteras$110,000441977Islamorada, US
    Hatteras$139,000441979Charleston, US
    Hatteras$169,000461990Charleston, US
    Hatteras$159,900461993Shalimar, US
    Hatteras$1,599,000462020Fort Lauderdale, US
    Hatteras$0462021Wrightsville Beach, US
    Hatteras$132,000461986Charleston, US
    Hatteras$149,000461992Delray Beach, US
    Hatteras$179,500461994Pensacola, US
    Hatteras$229,000461978Cape Coral, US
    Main ProfileHatteras$149,900461982Miami, US
    Hatteras$184,000461992Carrabelle, US
    Starboard QtrHatteras$125,000481976Charleston, US
    Hatteras$274,500481976Old Hickory, US
    Hatteras$197,900481988Apollo Beach, US
    Hatteras$395,000502000Pompano Beach, US
    Hatteras$399,000502000Key Colony, US
    Hatteras$429,000512000New Smyrna Beach, US
    Hatteras$325,000521987Georgetown, US
    Hatteras$229,000521993Naples, US
    Hatteras$289,000521985Coconut Grove, US
    Hatteras$124,900521986Miami, US
    Hatteras$325,000521999Stuart, US
    Hatteras$129,000521988Stuart, US
    Hatteras$124,900521986Crystal River, US
    Hatteras$199,900521985Daytona Beach, US
    Hatteras$115,000521986Saint Augustine, US
    Hatteras$174,900531984Longboat Key, US
    Hatteras$160,000531978Panama City, US
    Hatteras$130,000531973Marathon, US
    Hatteras$224,900531980New Smyrna Beach, US
    Hatteras$139,000531978Panama City Beach, US
    Main ProfileHatteras$235,000531984Jensen Beach, US
    Hatteras$115,000531973Miami, US
    1986 Hatteras 54 MYHatteras$209,000541986Sarasota, US
    Hatteras$529,000541996Treasure Island, US
    Hatteras$294,995541997Miami, US
    Great ExpectationsHatteras$255,900541986Palm Beach Gardens, US
    Manufacturer Provided ImageHatteras$0542020Wrightsville Beach, US
    Hatteras$429,000541997Key Largo, US
    Hatteras$875,000552000Coral Gables, US
    Hatteras$229,000551988Pompano Beach, US
    Hatteras$249,900561982Hixson, US
    Hatteras$199,900581977Longboat Key, US
    Main ProfileHatteras$165,000581990North Palm Beach, US
    Proud BowHatteras$139,000581978Stuart, US
    Hatteras$275,000581976Charleston, US
    Hatteras$254,000581979Key West, US
    Hatteras$139,500581974Port Charlotte, US
    Hatteras$1,799,000602012Naples, US
    Hatteras$799,000602001Boca Raton, US
    Hatteras$2,099,000602013Hallandale Beach, US
    60 Hatteras Cockpit Motor YachtHatteras$269,000601980Wilmington, US
    Hatteras$2,100,000602015Naples, US
    Manufacturer Provided Image: Manufacturer Provided ImageHatteras$0602020Wrightsville Beach, US
    Stbd ProfileHatteras$1,399,000602008Stuart, US
    Hatteras$770,000602002Deerfield Beach, US
    Starboard Side ViewHatteras$1,899,900602010Port Canaveral, US
    Hatteras$309,000601989Longboat Key, US
    Hatteras$2,990,000602019Aventura, US
    Main ProfileHatteras$299,000601970Stuart, US
    Hatteras$267,500611981Jacksonville, US
    Hatteras$345,000631987Pensacola, US
    Profile1Hatteras$2,900,000632018Fort Lauderdale, US
    Hatteras$249,000631988Miami Beach, US
    Hatteras$2,995,000632018Fort Lauderdale, US
    Hatteras$495,000631987Mount Juliet, US
    Hatteras$1,249,000642007Naples, US
    Hatteras$1,249,000642006Cape Canaveral, US
    Hatteras$1,995,000652009Naples, US
    Hatteras$990,000652005Miami, US
    Hatteras$839,000652001Fort Walton Beach, US
    Hatteras$750,000652002Lighthouse Point, US
    ProfileHatteras$499,000651989Fort Lauderdale, US
    Hatteras$0652020Wrightsville Beach, US
    Bow ProfileHatteras$299,000671988Saint Petersburg, US
    Hatteras$399,000671988Fort Myers, US
    Hatteras$2,200,000682010Unknown, US
    Hatteras$1,099,000682005Coral Gables, US
    Hatteras$1,895,000682007Gulfport, US
    Hatteras$1,695,000682007Miami, US
    Hatteras$1,399,000682006Palm Beach Gardens, US
    Hatteras$319,000681989New Smyrna, US
    Hatteras$1,895,000682006Fort Lauderdale, US
    Hatteras$265,900701988Bradenton, US
    Hatteras$599,000701986Fort Pierce, US
    Hatteras$799,000702000Aventura, US
    Hatteras$4,489,000702017Destin, US
    Hatteras$994,900701997Lighthouse Point, US
    Hatteras$299,000701983Charleston, US
    Hatteras$820,000701996Miami, US
    70' Hatteras starboard forward profile1Hatteras$445,500701988Key West, US
    Port ProfileHatteras$595,000701997New Bern, US
    Hatteras$1,399,000702003Pensacola, US
    Manufacturer Provided ImageHatteras$0702020Wrightsville Beach, US
    Hatteras$475,000701992Fort Lauderdale, US
    Hatteras$399,000701981Fort Lauderdale, US
    Hatteras$4,489,000702017Destin, US
    Hatteras$399,999702000Fort Pierce, US
    Hatteras$1,050,000712002Miami, US
    Hatteras$586,000721986Jupiter, US
    Christina of Miami BeachHatteras$569,000722008Miami Beach, US
    Hatteras$2,200,000722009Fort Lauderdale, US
    Running ShotHatteras$2,249,000742008Fort Lauderdale, US
    Hatteras$1,149,000741999Sarasota, US
    Hatteras$849,000741998Miami, US
    Side ProfileHatteras$849,000741998Jacksonville Beach, US
    Hatteras$595,000741989Charleston, US
    74' Hatteras Sport DeckHatteras$1,495,000741998Miami Beach, US
    Hatteras$4,599,000752019Miami Beach, US
    Hatteras$4,484,000752017Miami, US
    VICTORY LANEHatteras$1,095,000752003Miami Beach, US
    Hatteras$4,375,000752017Jupiter, US
    Manufacturer Provided Image: Manufacturer Provided ImageHatteras$0752020Wrightsville Beach, US
    Hatteras$998,000752000Fort Lauderdale, US
    Luisa Starboard ProfileHatteras$1,350,000752002Key Largo, US
    Hatteras$5,300,000752017Coral Gables, US
    Main ProfileHatteras$549,000781987Stuart, US
    Hatteras$489,000781989Boca Raton, US
    Hatteras$1,995,000802004Coral Gables, US
    Hatteras$2,595,000802007New Bern, US
    Hatteras$3,590,000802013Fort Lauderdale, US
    Main ProfileHatteras$2,400,000802007Ocean Reef Club, US
    Hatteras$1,999,000802005Miami, US
    Profile at AnchorHatteras$3,495,000802013Fort Lauderdale, US
    Hatteras$2,350,000802005Fort Lauderdale, US
    Hatteras$695,000821987Fort Lauderdale, US
    Manufacturer Provided ImageHatteras$0902020Wrightsville Beach, US
    Hatteras$1,995,000932000Miami Beach, US
    Hatteras$7,995,0001002016Fort Lauderdale, US
    Hatteras$3,589,0001002005Fort Lauderdale, US
    Hatteras$2,300,0001002003Fort Lauderdale, US
    Hatteras$01002020Wrightsville Beach, US
    Hatteras$3,589,0001002005Fort Lauderdale, US
    2003 100' Hatteras Motor YachtHatteras$2,799,0001002003Fort Lauderdale, US
    Manufacturer Provided ImageHatteras$01052021Wrightsville Beach, US

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